Friday, June 6, 2008

DVD Giveaway!

Vision Forum has just come out with these new great DVDs:

And since I know you love all things free, I'm going to offer one of them to you! Aren't I generous?? Look at each of these DVDs and decide which one you'd most like to have, then answer this question:

What one lie has turned our culture away from God and Truth?

(This is opinion only. There is no right or wrong answer. Whether I agree with you or not will not alter your chances of winning.)

Giveaway Rules:

1. Your comment enters you into the drawing once.

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Leave a second comment saying that you've become a Vision Forum affiliate, and you now have twice the chance of winning.

3. To enter a third time, do the above and send $25 to Clark Chatter. (PayPal only.)

4. To enter a fourth time, do all of the above and email me telling me why you think I'm terrific. (Your answer here actually will enhance your chances of winning.)

Winner will be chosen and announced June 25, 2008


The Herd said...

You are hilarious! I like number 3, I think I should do a give-away!

Ok, the one lie that has led society/people away from God and His truth is---He doesn't want or give the best for us. --I see this as the lie that led Adam and Eve to sin and the only reason we think that we know best. Such a lie!

Roehrman said...

What one lie has turned our culture away from God and Truth?

I say one of the lies is Feminism. I know you said what one lie but I think this is really high up there.

Lauren said...

I agree with the above comment re:feminism. I believe that the one lie has bred so many others.

Sally said...

I can think of several lies, but they all stem from feminism.

The check's in the mail. ;)

Julie said...

I believe the one lie that has turned us away is that women and men can be the same. Women can do everything men can do and better even. That is the complete opposite of God's plan.
So I guess Feminism.

TeamBettendorf said...

The death of Creation in favor of evolution. Now women were not created for a purpose, neither were men and it is all about survival of the fittest. Look out for number one and all that.

Nealy said...

Passiveness. Telling one white lie, not caring what the kids watch, missing church, being selfish, not standing up for what's right, not caring about each all stems from being passive. Love and Truth are inseparable. We have to CARE ENOUGH to know that it DOES MATTER.

sleepyhahas said...

Lie: I deserve it all, I am in control, I run my own life, I can have what I want NOW. I AM GOD. There is no other god but me. I know what's best, I look out for No. 1. I AM GOD. I know all the answers, I don't need anyone, don't tell me what to do, perception is reality. I can control you or ignore you or abuse you or take from you because I AM GOD.

You saw in there many sins, I'm sure, but the root seems to be "Playing the part of God."
*sigh* How sad.
All glory to God who is seated on His throne, always was, and ever shall be. Halleluia!

Anonymous said...

I think the number one lie is that we can live like the world and still follow Christ. The Bible is radical and to follow God we must take up our cross daily... now that is radical and doesn't look anything like the world. Of course I sort of cheated in that all the previous answers would go with living like the world so that includes evolution, humanism, feminism ......


Sharri said...

I think the one lie American's particularly have bought into is...we are "self-made" successes.
Please enter me!

Our Family: said...

I'm gonna go with the crowd I suppose and agree with Feminism, but not only "worldy Feminism," but also "Christian Feminism."

It's scary, but I'm sure we've all heard the quote by Francis Schaeffer once said “Tell me what the world is saying today and I’ll tell you what the church will
be saying in seven years.”

Another thing that frightens me is Nancy Campbells's lesson on the end times--mentioning how taking mothers out of the home and the result that will have on those who were meant to do so much more for the Kingdom of God. Fathers are important of course and the Bible reveres them, but if you read messages from many of the "Greats" in history, who were also strong Christians, they generally credited their Mothers for their becoming strong men of character. And they also referred to these lessons being taught to them when they were wee little--during that time in which now women are encouraged to send their children away so that Mama can have a "break." Not saying that we don't sometimes need some alone time, but seriously--I don't need the lenghths of time for "alone time." they suggest. And my children certainly don't need to be away from parental guidance for that length of time either.

It's sad because I see this in our churches--it's as though the church has bought into the lie of Feminism somehow and it's become the "norm." Even the concept of "Mother's Day Out," programs which encourage children to attend as much as 20 hours a week, if not more, are in just about every church in the community.

Our Family: said...

I just applied to be a Vision Forum Affiliate! I didn't realize it was that easy....I'm excited and hope to get approval soon. Wow---more reason to spend money there....... LOL


Our Family: said...

I am officially a Vision Forum affiliate!!!!!! Yay!!!

I'm going to get in and set stuff up on Monday!

Sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think one of the lies that has led people away from God is pride--that we can be our own gods. From this assumption comes so many other sins.