Thursday, July 3, 2008

Economic Collapse

Do you have a plan should the economy collapse as so many financial gurus are predicting? How self-sustaining are you? Do you garden?

I'm curious: Do you have a plan?


Jill said...

No plan.But we have 6 acres of land,a well,wood burning stove,a tiny stream.I know we really need to work on this.

If these people can do all of this,whats our excuse?

MommaofMany said...

I am stocking basic supplies like beans, grains, etc. We have a wonderful supply of camping equipment if there is no power, water etc., as well as hand oporated tools we'd need. Our salt-water pool will provide us water storage, and I have a husband who is very resourceful. I've lived without modern luxuries before, I could do it again, even if it means squatting on some mountaintop! :)

Nealy said...

I'll be living with you! Sorry, I thought you knew! Oh, and I'll be bringing my 3 dogs for your 7 kids to play with...and my fish. And I don't garden or cook.
Love you tons!

Ginger said...


HA! You're welcome to move in *after* senility has set in, and I'll, um, certainly "take care of" your dogs.
They'd love to have a fish.

Ginger said...

The kids, I meant. The kids would love to have a fish.

MamaMahnken said...

No plan, I wish we did. We also don't have much land or supplies. It sounds pretty hopeless when you put it that way, eh? But we are mentally ready to go without, or to improvise. That's half the battle, right? :)

Personally, I'm praying for the rapture before things get too ugly.

musicmommy3 said...

Maybe I won't loose that extra 10 pounds because that would certainly come in handy during a food shortage. Can I call that a plan?

mommy4 said...

Nope we'll just wing it, like we do everything else. What's your plan?

aka BNR said...

we keep 6 months mortgage in savings and figure the rest will work itself out. Plus we have a little garden and some cattle :)

Hubby of Jill said...

Our plan is to keep doing what we're doing. Keeping our finances under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Tithing strongly and increasingly. Love gifts on top of that. Stamping out debt. Eliminating expenses.

But the most important thing we're doing is continuing to TRUST. God is not slack concerning any of His promises.

Jill and I have experienced tough times. When I lost my job in 2000, we had zero savings, three kids and Jill did not work outside the home. But God was faithful and is faithful. I made a trip to the unemployment office, but never had to accept a check. The Lord provided a string of small jobs that paid the bills and led to the great job I have now.

Lean on Proverbs 3. When He says honor the Lord with your firstfruits and he will fill your barns to overflowing, that does not mean He will only do this in good economic times. God can refuse to participate in an economic collapse. One thing I am learning from my six month study of Isaiah is that the Lord ALWAYS leaves a remnant of His people. He always provides for his people come hell and high water. Now this does not mean that we can live our lives as we please, in opposition to His wise plan. The Word is full of people who did this and saw calamity follow them.

God's math does not make sense. Even Steven Demme would not tell you that 100% minus 10% equals 150%. But in my experience, God's marvelous math comes through every time.

God is bigger than job loss, He is bigger than economic collapse and the Great Depression, too. He is bigger than famine, nakedness, and sword, too. Romans 8 continues saying "nothing will separate us from the Love of Jesus Christ." I also believe nothing will separate us from His provision."

Psalm 91 is also instructive during these times. "10,000 may fall but it will not come near you." I read just last week about an auto maker cutting 10,000 jobs. But it did not come near me.

Take some time to ask some wonderful old saint at your church about how the Lord provided during the Great Depression. I suspect they will have some amazing stories of God preparing a table for them even in those horrible times.

Trust. God is not slack. God's promises are most to be leaned during those times in which He might be called upon to honor them. The Shepherd will take care of his sheep.

Your friend in Christ,


Julie said...

We are planning and preparing to move to some land and start a small farm. Goats, a few cows, chickens, and a garden. Its about a year and a half away though so who knows. This is not so much because of economic collapse as something Dh and I think will benefit our family and bring us much pleasure.
Right now I am learning as much as I can about gardening, herbs for healing, sewing and other handwork, cooking from scratch and living a more simple life.
Trusting in God for everything!