Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've Been Busy!

So, since you all gave me recommendations for family games, I've been shopping! We found this:
at Target. It's a lot of fun and the kids picked up on it quickly. Then, I hopped on eBayand bought this:I haven't gotten it yet, so I'll let you know. But I've heard a lot of good things about it already, so I'm confident I won't be disappointed.
And then, I got a little eBay happy. I bought a completer set of blocks for Math U See, and a couple more Explode the Code books, since I'm now a big believer. And THEN, I gave in to kid pressure and bought three Webkinz. They're a surprise, so don't say anything to my kids!!


Jenna said...

Cadoo was one of our favorite games till the clay stuff got all weird. It dried out or something. If we still had the clay we would probably still play it. Other than that it's a great game!


Ginger said...

That's silly, Jenna! When the clay stuff dries out, you use play doh. :)

Lauren said...

We love, love, love the Cranium games.

We have several of the "grown-up" ones as well. They're great when you have new friends over. Somehow making a fool out of yourselves collectively is a wonderful icebreaker.

Jamie Wooddell said...

We have Cadoo and Max has always loved to play it. It will definitely be more fun though when we have more children old enough to play.

Janelle said...

I look forward to your review of these. I'm in the game market too since we've gone tv free :)