Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One More Reason

Here's one more reason to homeschool:

Two boys were punished this week for refusing to kneel on prayer mats and worship Allah during a class demonstration on Islam, the Daily Mail reported.

Irate parents said a religious education teacher at the Alsager High School in England told students to wear Muslim headgear during a lesson on Tuesday. "But if Muslims were asked to go to church on Sunday and take Holy Communion, there would be war," the grandfather of one of the students said.

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If you're like us, you homeschool for hundreds of reasons, but what's your #1 reason for homeschooling? Please share.


MamaMahnken said...

I think, in a nutshell, our number one reason is simply because we believe it is the best way to do everthing - give our children and education, pass our our values - but especially keep their hearts. :)

MommaofMany said...

My husband and I will have to give an account to God of our actions. We are responsible to Him for the raising of our children. Who wants to have to account for sending them into the public schools daily for all those years? Not I!

I want to raise them according to the Scriptures, with prayer, with respect, with compassion for others. I like the people they are; I don't want them turned into someone else by daily immersion in the world.

heartchild said...

Biblical character training that captures my children's hearts.

That's our #1 reason in a nutshell.

musicmommy3 said...

God told us to.

But that's OK cuz we want to anyway. :)

Ginger said...


Why do you want to? (I want more detail.)


Julie said...

We believe that God entrusted these children to us for this short season. We want to give them all we have for the time they are with us!

Nealy said...

Ginger, I think you and your friends should collaborate to write a book and/or create a blog for the sole purpose of teaching others that homeschooling is not as daunting a task as the majority of parents think. Most are under the impression that it's an 8-3 daily job and they are unaware of the TONS of resources available to them. You could include the many reasons why homeschooling is such a great option.

mommy4 said...

I have one in an awesome Christ centered school. However, I will homeschool the other 3 kiddos because I have noticed that no matter how awesome the school the incluence the other students have on yours is tremendous, especially when they get older, and they spend so much time together. I want to be the influence my children need and not have to compete with others.

Carolyn said...

We are responsible for our kids' education in all things from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. Plus, we have them for such a short time during their life. I also think that you can choose your friends but you have to learn to live with your family.

musicmommy3 said...

You said #1 reason. lol

I was trying to follow the rules for once. :)

I'll write a whole post on it over at my blog and you can come and check it out. :)

I was challenged by my friend awhile back to list all 975 reasons why we homeschool. :)

Anonymous said...

My main reason for homeschooling is because I'm tired of the religious right trying to force their views on my children. You can't even give your kids condoms anymore at some schools, and the world just pretty much stops turning once the school board finds out I am a lesbian and a member of NARAL. I am trying to raise kids who are tolerant enough to work at Planned Parenthood when they grow up. Is that so wrong? P.S. Kyle was the last boy I ever dated before coming out of the closet. ;) P.S.S. I hope you guys can still take a joke! Brian & Yanira :)