Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet When They Sleep

Kyle and I love to go peek in on our sleeping babes before we hit the sack ourselves. Last night, after looking at them, I quickly darted out of the room downstairs to get my camera. I was desperately hoping they wouldn't move. Check out my cute pretzels:

Maya was completely hidden under her comforter, so I went to check on Lydia. She's such a floozy when she snores:
We rarely ever go in the boys' room because they'd wake up. They have bunk beds, but we're not sure why. They never sleep in separate beds. Pedro completely burritoes himself in his comforter at night, with mouth wide open, but I can't take a picture of that. He'd be too embarrassed. {{snicker}}


TeamBettendorf said...

Well silly, you don't tell Pedro you took a picture. You just keep the picture 10-15 years and then you show *his* kids. Seriously, you should have a whole photo montage to draw on. You'll thank me later.

Janelle said...

I'm going to have to second the suggestion of the previous commenter, these are the kinds if pics you should have been/be storing up :)

musicmommy3 said...

Don't listen to them!! LOL

My "baby" sleeps like your Lydia. :)