Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Girl

This little homemade (by someone) Thrift store skirt has been a favorite of my girls. Chloe wore it every third day last year. She just loved how long and "flowy" it was. Well, Chloe dressed Lydia up and put this skirt on her. Much to my surprise, it fit her.

Lydia was soooo proud of it and the two of us (Lydia and I) thought she looked absolutely beautiful.
Last night, Lydia had a breakthrough. Although she has the vocabulary of a child much older, or I should say she has the vocabulary of a child with several older sisters, her articulation is less than stellar. She says "seat" when she means feet and she calls herself Widia.
I, Ginger, the Speech Pathologist, overlooked this most of the time because it's so cute. (The very thing I used to tell parents never to do.) So Kyle took it on himself to try to correct her speech. He was getting her to say La la Lydia. She was faithfully repeating: La la Widia.
Then at dinner, when Kyle was showing off how funny it is, she said it correctly. La la Lydia.
This was met with a huge screaming, applauding response from everyone. Her eyes lit up so big and her grin spread from ear to ear. Such pride! Such joy! And Kyle declared that he should have been a Speech Pathologist.


The Herd said...

I am laughing out loud at the Kyle should have been the speech pathologist!!!! I love it! See you later today.

mommy4 said...

OH your precious Widia!!! I think she looks just beautiful in her big girl skirt.

heartchild said...

I love that girl's eyes!

Nealy said...

La La Widia indeed - ROTFL! What a cutie! (And not just because she's ours!!)