Thursday, August 28, 2008

Make Your Own Capsules

Better yet, have your kids make them! Actually, I was in the kitchen making capsules of Kelp and Black Walnut powder and the girls kept asking if they could help me. I put them off twice, but finally decided to be a good mommy and let my kids help me. They were pretty good at putting the little caps on as it turns out.
With my handy dandy Cap-M-Quik capsulator, (or am I The Capsulator?? {snicker}) I whipped out 100 capsules in no time, saving myself gobs and gobs of money. And since I got the powdered herbs and the capsule maker from Mountain Rose Herbs, I also saved myself a trip to the store. Woo-Hoo! Gas saved is money in the pocket!


Beth said...

What are these capsules for? How do I learn about making my own? And if you are mixing more than 1 herb together, how do you make sure the ratio is the same for each capsule?

Ginger said...

Kelp is for the iodine, which nourishes the thyroid. Black walnut is an antiparasitic herb.
Not sure what you mean about learning to make your own. Buy the powdered herbs, buy the gelatin capsules, fill the capsules. Easy shmeasy! :)
I don't mix herbs together in one capsule. I made 50 Kelp capsules, 50 Black Walnut capsules.

mommy4 said...

Look at you guys!! If my family did this and the kids told the wrong people they helped me make capsules we'd for sure get a visit from CPS. HE HE HE HE, you know I just had to comment on this entry. Am I right Vicki?

Ginger said...

That's exactly what Pedro said!!! "My mom's making her own drugs at home! Good grief!"

And if you can actually drag a comment out of Vicki, I'll pay you a referral bonus.

mommy4 said...

I'm up for the challenge!!

Vicki said...

Ok OK OK so I finally got on and am leaving a comment. I guess personal phone calls to the blogger dont count??? And being a dedicated avid reader of the blog doesn't count?? What is up with that. Ok Ginger here is your challenge..... RU READY????

Get those other Mexicans to follow you to my house and I will make the dinner of your choice. Its only an hour and 15 minute drive??????????????????