Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The NEA's New Plan

The nation's largest teachers union, the National Education Association, attracted 9,000 delegates to its annual convention in Washington, D.C., over the Fourth of July weekend. Delegates sported buttons with provocative slogans such as "Gay marriage causes Global Warming only because we are so hot!" "Hate is not a family value," "The 'Christian Right' is neither," and "Gay Rights are civil rights."

Here are a few of their resolutions:
  • The NEA fiercely opposes any competition for public schools, such as vouchers, tuition tax credits, parental option plans, or public support of any kind to non-public schools. (So it's a business then, huh? This shouldn't be surprising to anyone.)
  • The NEA strongly opposes designating English as our official language even though such a designation is supported by more than 80 percent of Americans. (No comment.)
  • The NEA opposes homeschooling unless children are taught by state-licensed teachers using a state-approved curriculum. The NEA wants to bar homeschooled students from participating in any extracurricular activities in public schools even though their parents pay school taxes, too. (Gee, really?? They want to control what MY kids learn and how they learn it?? And they have no respect for my money. What a shocker!)
  • The NEA wants every child, regardless of age, to have "direct and confidential access, without notification to parents, to comprehensive health education." That would include things such as learning how to use condoms for premarital sex, as well as social and psychological programs and services. (Again, they get to teach my kids about even the most important family value- procreation.)
  • The NEA wants public schools to take over the physical and mental care of students through school clinics that provide services, diagnosis, treatment, family-planning counseling and access to birth control methods "with instruction in their use." Family planning clinics are called on to "provide intensive counseling." (Good to know that I can trust them with my kids' life.)
  • The NEA wants all sex-education courses, textbooks, curricula, instructional materials and activities to include indoctrination about sexual orientation and gender identification plus warnings about homophobia. (Do they also teach the viewpoint that homosexuality is a sin, or do they only teach their own viewpoint?? How very "tolerant" of them.)
Read more about the NEA's radical plan for your kids here. Need more reasons not to send your kids to a government institution to be educated? Here's 100 more reasons.


The Herd said...

One word from me: YIKES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, I linked to your post from my blog as well.... Very important to read.

Ruth said...

In a word, power.

MotherOfBlessings said...

Hi Ginger,

Can you share where you found these NEA resoulutions? I looked on the NEA website and did not see them. My pro-govt school family members will not believe it unless I have a good source. Thanks for your blog!

Ginger said...

Click the link in the next to last sentence. ;)

MichelleC said...

Thanks for writing about this. It is nerve racking to say the least. Also, thanks Ginger for the heads up on the last link..I have never seen that site before..Very informative.~MichelleC


Carolyn said...

Scary, isn't it? Not all public school teachers even know what NEA believes. I'm so glad we homeschool.