Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miracle of Miracles

Lydia is potty-trained! My goodness, I thought it would never happen! I was determined to wait until she was ready, convinced that she would potty train quickly that way. Well, after waiting and waiting and waiting. . . it worked!
Three months ago, Lydia and I had this conversation:

Lydia: (said with eyes wide and eyebrows raised) I get a jelly bean when I pee in the potty??
Me: Yes!
Lydia: And I get TWO jelly beans when I poop in the potty?
Me: YES! (Huge smile on my face)
Lydia: (said with a perfectly straight face) I don't want to sit on the potty.
Me: {{eyeroll}}

A week ago, we ran out of diapers. When it was time for me to put on Lydia's first diaper of the day, I said: We're out of diapers. Today you're wearing panties.
And she has yet to need anything else.


Now I'm going to take the money I'm saving on diapers and go to Hobby Lobby.


Rachel Marie said...

Yay!! Definitely reason to celebrate!

mommy4 said...

NO DIAPERS?!!! Not even at night? WOW that's great! I feel your joy.

The Herd said...

That is amazing!!! Congrats on extra funds!!

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh -- isn't that heavenly??

I'm adding my diaper $$ to my grocery $$ and hoping my dh won't ask for it. LOL

Naomi Rebecca said...

Congratulations! Our twins were just night-time potty trained this month. Heaven! :)

tina said...

LOL! Sounds like what I would do with my savings, too :) It took a loooonnnnggg while for my dd to potty train, too. It pretty much came down to how it happened for Lydia :)

MommaofMany said...

No more diapers...that's a first in how many years?


lambechops said...

Congratulations! Don't you sometimes feel like its never gonna happen!?

musicmommy3 said...

YAY!! Wonderful! I put the extra money into our food budget when Thomas and Judah potty trained. :grin: