Friday, September 12, 2008


Earlier this week, we lost a chicken. Chicken Jane died an early death. It was very sad. Kyle and I were really nervous about telling the kids. Maya especially takes death very hard, regardless of her relationship with the deceased. She's just very compassionate.
So, sat the kids down and said: We only have 5 chickens now. Chicken Jane died last night.
Their response: "Oh man! So, are we getting a new chicken now?"
A compassionate bunch, my kids.

So, yesterday, I drove an hour to the boonies to pick up 7 young hens. Buff Rocks. So, now we have an even dozen.
We're keeping the chicks in the run, closed off from the coop, until they are big enough to stand up for themselves.
Afterall, we have 5 older hens who can hardly wait to "get to know" their new sisters. It was funny to see how they responded to the newcomers. They clucked at them, then looked at me asking for an explanation. I told them: Produce or you'll be replaced, girls! We want lots of eggs and we expect you to earn your keep!

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Nealy said...

Do you remember when I paid too much for a fish for our aquarium and I made the comment, "If something happens to that fish, I'll die!" And your response, "Will I get to flush you down the toilet, too?"

You and Jamie were compassionate, too: you fought over who got to flush the next dead fish!

I'm glad you got more hens!