Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Survey


Lee said...

hmm - I put 3-4 kids because we have 3 and we are in the process of filling out our paperwork to adopt from Ethiopia...don't expect to see my sweet little one's face for at least a year or two though....seems the waits are getting longer.
I would love a big family. Keith is a little harder to convince....we will have at least 4 with the adoption.
I put no for the adoption...but if there was an "in progress" option I would choose that!
fun survey!

Ginger said...

I can't edit the survey now or I'll lose all the answers so far, but I'm thinking you should have said yes. You're in the process of adopting, right? :)

Lee said...

I'm in the process! And very excited - it's early days for us so we have a long way to go. As we have so much time before we meet our little one, we are applying to be foster parents in the meantime. So two homestudy's to be done in the next few months! But, hopefully that will help the time go fast and there's certainly no shortage of little ones that need some love!

dustinsdreamer said...

Well I had to pick 1-2 and we are done. But I don't like the exclamation mark because it looks like the attitude of thank goodness we don't have anymore. I so wish we did. But hey, that's a whole other survey question. And if hubby said adopt I'd have the process started asap. :)

lambechops said...

I put 3-4 and we're done, because that is dh's decision, and he is the head of the family. We have various reasons for not homeschooling, and no, we don't feel called to adopt. I love reading your blog though!

Karen, (a fellow MOMYS)

Anonymous said...

Fun survey!

Debz (MOMYS)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the survey! Even though we have 3 and are done ( due to personal reasons) our hearts are ALWAYS opened to the GREAT things that the LORD may have in our future!

Rachelle - Kansas
OH and yes we HOMEschool!