Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What We've Been Doing

This summer, I created a predictable weekly schedule so I wouldn't have to waste too much brain power figuring out what to do for fun.
Every Monday, we went to an indoor playground (usually McDonald's) to play with friends. Tuesdays were Library days. Wednesdays were home days. (Hey, Mama needs a break sometimes.) Thursdays were water days. We hit the Splash Park or went swimming. Fridays we always had a playdate.
We spend a lot of time at the Splash Park in the summer time. Well, at the end of summer, I found a new place- this Fountain Park. The water pops up in a rhythmic pattern. Very fun!

The kids would run into the middle, then race back out to try to beat the sprays."Look at those crazies! They think they're not gonna get wet? Watch this!"
The boys get caught as big sprays shoot up all around them. Neener, neener, neener! Elena saw that coming.
What Elena doesn't know is: Daniel got exactly what he wanted. A big spray in the face. He loves it!
Lydia just marched around the outside edge of the fountain. She's so predictable. Not a risk taker, that one.
Who knew that H20 could be so much fun?! My kids did.


The Herd said...

I love your organized days!!! What great ideas. I am posting on one of these posts for all the last three posts---only have a small amt of time to check now that we are in Russia.
I love to "clear out" our things!!! I am clearing out the things here in this apartment--it's fun to do it when it's not yours either!!

We do school like the schools around the US, why? Probably b/c I like to stick to what has been "normal" and to allow them to have a length of time "off" when their church friends have been off. But, I do love your idea of enjoying the spring and fall. So, the reason is more for me and I need a bit a structure to keep disciplined to finish at a particular time or I don't know if I would "finish" by the time they were 18-ha!!

mommy4 said...

I love Elena's face in these pictures.

sleepyhahas said...

I love that park! It's still pretty secret, so it's never crowded. I love when the wind blows and suddenly what was dry is now very not! Ha! Your kids are growing up so big and handsome/beautiful!