Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poetry Recitation

As part of our Ambleside Online schooling, the kids are learning about poets and poetry. They learn 3 new poets each school year. This year, we started with Emily Dickinson. The four big kids are all memorizing this poem to recite for our fine arts co-op:

The Bluebird
by Emily Dickinson

Before you thought of spring
Except as a surmise
You see God bless his suddeness
A fellow in the skies
Of independent hues
A little weather worn
Inspiriting habiliments
Of indigo and brown

With specimens of song
As if for you to choose
Discretion in the interval
With gay delays he goes
To some superior tree
Without a single leaf
And shouts for joy to nobody
But his seraphic self!

Chloe, surprising us all, was the first to learn it. She begged me to video her recitation to show you all. Being the doting mother that I am, I obeyed.

For your listening pleasure, I present Chloe Clark:


The Herd said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it!

Gretchen said...

Okay,that was absolutely adorable. Good for her and good for you for taping her for all of us to enjoy.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Take Care

debhmom3 said...

What a doll! Congratulations Chloe!

Nealy said...

Wow! That was a tough one and she didn't even falter. A big woo hoo to Chloe Anna Clark! Great job!

Krista said...

Started your own co-op huh? Do tell....

Julie said...

Too cute! Way to go Chloe.
Funny thing my five year old is always the first to memorize things as well.

Jody said...

What in the world does seraphic and habiliments mean?! Could you tape Chloe giving the definitions of the words for those of us who attended public school? Good thing this here computer's got a dictionary!

Way to go, Chloe!

Ginger said...

Habiliments threw me too. Emily Dickinson is hard! That's why Kyle and I were so impressed at how quickly Chloe learned this poem. Maya and Isaac have it memorized too, but they have a killer time pronouncing it all.
Seraphic- seraphim- winged or something with wings. Haven't actually confirmed that one yet.

Jenny said...

So how does your co-op work?

Ginger said...

We meet on Friday afternoons. The babies nap while we meet, so we don't have to plan any preschool activities. We do art apprec, music apprec, art application, Shakespeare, poet study & poetry recitation, hymn study, and nature study. We alternate those subjects, doing half on the 1st and 3rd weeks and the other half on 2nd and 4th weeks. One week, we spent the whole time watching The Taming of the Shrew, since we'd just finished studying it.
There are only 4 families, so we meet in homes.

Rachel Marie said...

Beautiful job, Chloe!