Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Growth Tradition

One of our family traditions is marking the kids' heights on a door jam every November. Why do we always do it in November? Because that's when we first started it. No such thing as a stupid question. Don't feel silly for asking.

While Kyle is scribbling all over our trim, the babies are pretending to be monkeys. Monkeys move much faster than this, but don't tell them. It'll hurt their feelings.

Can you guess whose closet we're marking up?

Here's this year's stats, in order from least change to most dramatic change:

Chloe grew 1.5 inches since last November
Elena & Lydia - 2 inches
Isaac - 3 inches
Maya -3.5 inches
and little Daniel grew 4 whopping inches in the last 12 mos.

Way to go, Daniel!


heartchild said...

Too funny! I was just thinking this morning that I would to start measuring the kids and marking it like that. It is so neat to see the progress.

Wow! 4 inches. He must have gone through a few pairs of pants, eh? :-)

Nealy said...

I'm surprised at all those growth rates! They must have done that when I wasn't looking, the little toots. Maya will be taller than I am way too soon. And I guess I'll be looking up to Isaac and Daniel before I know it, too. Guess I'm pretty safe with those other three, huh? :)

Faith said...

We do the same thing except I do it every 3 months or so. The kids start begging me to see how much taller they are right around that time. One thing I am bummed about is that we started doing it at our old house and forgot to get the measurments from there to bring here. Before we leave here I am definitely going to find a way to keep track of it all.
I can't beleive Daniel grew 4 inches!

Ginger said...

Yeah, Daniel actually skipped a pants size from last fall to this fall! What in the world?!