Friday, November 14, 2008

We Called It School

Like I said, when the weather's nice, we go to the zoo a lot. Last week, we went with my good friend, Lis and her sweet kids. Maya can't get enough of holding baby Sam. I was jealous.

Maya also got called out for violating the carousel rules. Apparently, riding backwards is a serious offense.
She was quite embarrassed as she was forced to unbuckle and turn around. When we got off, I told her she should apologize to the old man running the thing.
He was kind enough to lecture her on carousel rules and threaten to not let her ride if she did it again. Nice reward for her humility.

Joshua and Isaac didn't get in any trouble. Lucky them. These two are best buddies. They followed each other every where. Isaac probably would have followed him into trouble, but Joshua's not that kind of friend. Lucky me.

Candace and my three spun themselves dizzy, totally unaware of the misdemeanor activity happening on the other side of the carousel.

The weather was perfect and Lis and I enjoyed chit chatting for a good hour while the kids ran off their lunch. They're good at that.


Jody said...

That's a FABULOUS picture of you and kids! Love it!!!

musicmommy3 said...

Love the pic of you and your kiddos. Maya is SO beautiful! She just sparkles. :)

Jenileigh said...

It looks like you guys visit the same zoo we do! Great pics!

Life at the Rowland Ranch said...

Hi Ginger!
We usually try to head to that zoo about twice a month. We've come to know our elderly friend who runs the carousel very well. :) Let's just say..Maya isn't the only one who's had lectures from him! :)
Your kids are beautiful!!

Colored With Memories said...

what a great day!

i see you are a charlotte mason fan. we just began researching her methods yesterday. we are contemplating homeschooling...our oldest is just 4, but after reading yesterday i feel like we might be behind already.

seeing your zoo school trip makes me want to do it all the more. soaking up every precious moment with these kids while we've got them!