Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Cake for Hitler

Grocery Store Refuses to Make a Birthday Cake for 3 Year Old Hitler (link to article)

Anybody see anything strange about a couple naming their son Adolf Hitler and then saying: It's not like he's going to grow up to do what Hitler did?
If they dont' want him to be like Hitler, why name him after the famous murderer?


MommaofMany said...

Did you notice the names of the other children? Poor things. Hopefully they will find the Lord and leave the hateful groups their parents seem to belong to.

krista said...

The ignorance of some is beyond belief. Why not bake their own cake? Because they WANT attention drawn to their ignorance. It's too bad they got it. I feel terrible for their poor children!!! But alas, Jesus died for their sins too if they will only believe, repent and follow. Let's pray for the parents as well as the kiddos.

lambechops said...

Unbelievable what some parents will call their kids, and then complain to the press when they are picked up on it. How sad.

Autumn said...

saw this on the local news website this morning and thought "DUH!"

nothing like attention seeking using your poor dc