Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas: Excitement or Dread?


Stacy said...

My vote depends on if we are talking about our immediate family day, or the one we spend with the grandparents. At our house Christmas Eve, the kids will get a few gifts (2 each) after we get home from church service. We will watch a movie together and make homemade pizza. That will be great!

Christmas Day we will start with stockings (stickers, fruit, a little candy, and a book) and 1 "St Nick" gift (Emily knows Santa is pretend and the little ones are too scared of him to care who he is).

Then we will go see all the grandparents and the kids will likely be overloaded with gifts, no matter how hard we've tried to insist otherwise.

In the end, we will either be donating extra gifts, or getting rid of things we already have to accommodate. We absolutely don't need more toys.

My cousin was great this year and gave the kids construction paper, crayons, paint, etc. I wish more people would give "disposable" gifts of things that we use almost daily! The grandparents can't understand that a box of stickers, glue, and paper is just as exciting (or more!) than the electronic plastic noise makers.

TeamBettendorf said...

I said My kids will get a few gifts and it will be great but the only reason it will be great is because we don't really do ANYTHING for Christmas and we are not obligated to go anywhere or do anything or buy anything. We have already received some gifts that I just rolled my eyes at but they are small and easily thrown away when they break. :)


dkt said...

Due to financial hardship this year, our kids recieved nothing from us and one really nice gift from my parents. I was really bummed and thought our kids would be as well. We did "Christmas" last sunday night when we were snowed in and let me just say God is so good. Why do I doubt him so much? Our kids were so thankful in the true sense of the word. They were FULL of thanks. There was no bitterness, no sadness, nothing. There attitude convicted me to be "full" of thanks as well. Even during these times, God has given us plenty.