Sunday, December 28, 2008

Frugality = Creativity

So, Kyle's parents' anniversary is coming up next week. Kyle wanted to give them a professional photo of their family. He thought it would be neat to do a photo of them in the center, surrounded by all their grandkids. That idea was nixed in favor of a big group photo of their kids and all the grandkids. Oh my!


So, then a few days before this photo shoot is to take place, my dear sister-in-law called to say that we all needed to wear jeans and a white shirt. Grrrr. Only three of us look good in white. (Can you guess which three??) And, as it turns out, Kyle is the only one that even has a white shirt. I was not thrilled about going out and buying a bunch of white shirts that several of us would likely never wear again. I had just read the chapter of Financial Peace that talks about bargains and negotiation. I decided to get creative.


I called my stepmom to ask if she had a white shirt I could borrow for Maya. She did and also had one with sleeves long enough for me. Then I called a friend/neighbor, who had 2 more shirts; and another friend/neighbor who had 2 more shirts. The next day, my mom gave me a bag of hand-me-downs someone had given her for us. Among the clothes was a white shirt! That makes 8! God is so good! (I should mention that Pedro was unavailable for the photo shoot.)



Edward and Gretchen said...

What a great family picture. Kyle's parents will love it.

Yes, the triplets do look great in white, but really you all look good.


Debbie said...

What a great looking family! We always like to do a "funny face" one too. LOL
So cool how God provided the shirts. :O)

His Peace,

Kidcraze said...

So, how did they react to receiving the photos????????

I am sure they loved them.

How cool to get all those shirts without spending a dime.

Ginger said...

They L O V E D it!! It had a little gold plaque under the photo that said: "Because two people fell in love. . ."
Shirley (MIL) cried. :)