Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A New Laundry Inductee

As you know, all the kids do chores. We've had to change up the chore system since Pedro left, so I recently sat the kids down and told them:
Chores are not just for big kids anymore! It's time Daniel and Lydia did their part! We're all grateful for all your dishwasher duties, but it's time you stepped up to more responsibility!! No more playing around while everyone else dusts and vacuums! No more sitting idly by while your laundry is folded and put away for you! You're 3 1/2 now! Act your age!
And as for you big kids, I know what you're up to! No doing their job for them because you feel sorry for them! No taking over because you want it done faster! These babies gotta learn and you're gonna help them! So stop helping them!

So, after the big girls had washed their clothes, Lydia took them out of the dryer.

Some things are way back there, but she's not afraid! She dove right in there to grab those orphan socks and unmentionables.

Did you get it all Lydia?
Wait I see one more! Go get it, girl!

Tada! No more runaway panties! Liddy's on laundry duty now.
She drug the basket to the den for folding. Which she supervised. Because she's too little to fold clothes.

But she did hang up all her clothes. So leave me alone! She's the baby. I'll teach her how to fold next week.


Jamie Wooddell said...

Another kid in a wind breaker indoors. I think there's something you're not telling us. Like you keep the thermostat on 55 or something.
Hooray for Lydia! Ainsley loves doing her laundry and helping to fold it. It's only occasional right now, but I'm sure she's in for a rude awakening after the new baby comes.

MommaofMany said...

My Troubles, aged 3.75 is beginning to learn some chores, too. I think my olders did more by his age, but he's the BABY! (Spoiled, but not rotten!)

Kyle said...

I'm so proud of my Liddy Bitty. What a young lady she's becoming. She does have a great model after all.

Nealy said...

Why didn't I see Daniel Dryer Diving? And I hope Liddy Bitty always remembers the dryer sheet, or you'll have to post a photo of her Electric Hairdo! Do you hire them out?

Ginger said...

Because it was the girls' laundry day. I guess I shoulda taken pics of Daniel on boys' laundry day.
We don't use dryer sheets, but I've never had a problem with much static cling.

The Herd said...

Ok, so today, I just got caught up on your blog...reading the last four-six posts! But, this one is my favorite...one thing that makes me laugh when I read your posts...I can hear your voice saying all of it!!! Especially this one! Love the pics too!