Wednesday, January 7, 2009


If you want to adopt in the future or are in the process of adopting, this giveaway is FOR YOU! Leave a comment telling me your adoption wishes, and you'll be entered to win this fantastic book, to which I've already given high praise.


Momma to 1 Looking for #2 said...

we adoption in 2007 the most beautiful baby girl...and we are currently paperchasing our second adoption...we would love to have another little girl sometime this year..

Stacy said...

You know our wishes, but I'll post here too because I'd love a chance to win the book! God has formed our hearts, and we feel a special calling and interest in adopting a sibling group from the foster care system. We are currently foster parents, and through this calling, God has opened our eyes to a lot. We want to be able to help keep a large sibling group together and to have the opportunity to grow a large family of disciples. Due to medical reasons, there is no chance for us to have more kids naturally, but we still feel God intends for us to have a large family.

Bryan and Emily said...

We are in the process of adopting our first child from Liberia. He just turned a year old. We're hoping that things start moving again and we have him home before this summer.

Chas said...

Adoption is something that is near to my heart. I have a great desire to have more children and I believe the Lord may be leading us in this direction... We are praying about DH's job right now, he is in a temporary job and we are having some financial difficulties due to the loss of his job this past summer. We just keep praying and believing that God will show us His plan and I pray that sooner than later we will get to extend our family as well. :)

A Blessed Life said...

We are at the end of the looooong and rocky process (almost 2 years) of adopting a little girl from Haiti. Our biggest adoption wish is to have our sweet girl home this spring.

Edward and Gretchen said...

My 10 year old son was reading "The Great Turkey Walk". The main character was an orphan so I decided we would do a little research on orphans from that era. I became so interested that we took a 3 week break from "Ancient Egypt" to study orphans, specifically the orphan trains that took place from 1854 to 1929 and placed around 200,000 destitute children in families.
It has been over a month and I cannot get "orphans" off my mind and heart.

My adopted sister, Joy, and her family spent Christmas with us. My kids learned, for the first time, that she is adopted. The adoption discussion continues in our home.

Ed and I are praying about what He might have us do with this sudden desire he has given both of us. Maybe this book kick us off the fence. YIKES!!!


Faith said...

I hope that God may have adoption in my future sometime. But until then I'm praying for all those that I know who are in the process.

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Uww, a giveaway, how exciting!
We want to adopt! I have heard good things about this book! We are trying to adopt from foster care first, ( a sibling set of 3-4) Then a sibling set from Ethiopia, Ghana, or Liberia)We love sharing the gospel /adoption message. Check out this link
Is Adoption REALLY a Christian Duty? watch-

rachel said...

I have adopted three and plan, Lord willing, to adopt again in the near future. I will probably request a child with pretty major special needs. Medical or developmental, that is. Not behavioral.

Feminine Pursuits said...

We would like to adopt a sibling group out of our local foster care system. We are hoping to get started in the process after our next baby is born in August, we will probaby start the registration process after the baby is around 6 months. There is a HUGE need in our community because there are a lot of parents horribly addicted to drugs. It is a very rural area with not a log of foster homes. I have gone back and forth in my feelings about adopting out of the foster system. It is such a broken system. However, I keep feeling the Lord nudging us back to it.

Our Glorious Days said...

We had just started seeking the Lord on adoption through Uganda when I found out I was pregnant with our fourth. We had been "open womb" since our almost two year old had been born so we felt adoption was what God would rather us do.

THEN after we started considering adoption, I found out we were pregnant. =) If it had not taken so long for #4 maybe our hearts would not have ever became open to adoption???

We still plan to adopt after the hopeful birth of number 4. If the Lord so provides, I would love to spend time reading this book during the next 6 1/2 months =)

Robin said...

We are called to foster and adopt. We have 2 bio kids and 1 adopted from the foster system. I cannot wait to be able to foster and adopt more, and I also love to read books about adoption.