Friday, January 30, 2009

Your Turn to Vote

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Frappuccinos are sweet,
And so are you!

Crock pots are handy,
Children are fun,
I hope that this birthday,
Is a wonderful one!


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue,
But arises this flower of another hue;
Petals of passion, achievement and grace,
Why, beauty within shines from her face.
Thirty-five, still blooming,
New buds swell from the stem;
Kyle’s love is consuming,
He’s just glad he’s him…


If she’d been born a Mary Ann
Would her hair be black as night?
A blue-tressed Violet, chestnut Jill
An Albino’s head of white?

If her folks took Buffy home that day
She might be blonde instead
But she was born a Ginger
And thus her hair is red


Roses are red; violets are yellow
No one has said my firstborn is mellow
Squeezes life from a dime; expects me to rhyme
Buys rice in bulk; loves her incredible hulk
Washes no dishes, but offers good wishes
Blogs her opinions while homeschooling her minions
Cuts her own hair and has skin so fair
Mothering her way to fame; Ginger’s her name.


Roses are Red, so is Ginger’s hair,
Violets are Blue, like her eyes.
Sugar is Sweet, like her Spirit and Smile,
She’s creative and funny and wise.

Of Children, so far, she has seven,
But her ministry reaches so far,
To count all she’s reached, when in Heaven,
You would have to number the stars.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
If my nose was running money,
I'd blow it all on you.

If I were a wealthy dad,
I'd buy you anything that's hot.
If my nose was running money,
but it's not.


Roses are red
Their leaves are green
I've been blessed by your family
The Clarks make a great team.

Sugar is sweet
But bears like honey
I learn so much from your posts
And your style is so funny.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Whatever Ginger says
Is what you should do
Because she believes with all her might
That what she thinks is always right
Of course, for G it must have been fate
Because for us it's a family trait!


Roses are red, begonias are too
With Ginger as Mommy
The kids know what they should do
Play fun games, avoid sibling fights
There's never boredom if the family size is right
If anyone is sick, it's herbs to the rescue
I'm a fan of Clark Chatter
and I bet you are too!


The worker from the CPS
Came calling at the door
Found seven kids engrossed in books
And lounging on the floor

When asked the teacher’s name by him,
Charlotte Mason they all said.
I’ve heard she’s tough. But, I didn’t know
that Charlotte’s hair was red.



Angela Kirsch said...

Oh! Those are so great! How funny and sweet! Have a great birthday!

The Herd said...

I just straight went to Jaime's b/c I loved hers from last years! HAHA! Sorry everyone else! I don't have that much time to read it all.
Love the Grocery shopping post too.

The Herd said...

ok, now I have another favorite...the CPS Charlotte Mason one!!!! I am sooooo laughing! Very clever!

Nealy said...

When will you announce a winner? To look at the current score, I would have to vote again.