Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5-10 Fling

Once a week, I get an email reminder telling me to have the kids do a 5-10 fling. They each get two grocery bags, one in each hand. One bag is for 5 things to give away; one bag is for 10 things to throw away. And while they're on a mad hunt for things to part with, I do the same. I hate clutter and this has been a great solution.

The other way I get rid of clutter is by collecting all the trash in the car whenever I get gas. (And believe me, we collect plenty. And by "we", I mean them.) I keep a little bag for trash in the car, but I don't usually go digging for it in the kids area of the van. I let them do that. So, while gas is pumping into the van, we're all throwing out all the little bits of trash that seem to come out of nowhere.
What do you do to live clutter-free? (or clutter-less)


mommy4 said...

your 5-10 fling is such a great idea. how often do you do it? is it ever hard for them to part with 10 things? i usually just have to do it myself without them knowing i threw stuff out or gave stuff away.

The Herd said...

That's a great idea!!

Sherrie said...

I have a continual Salvation Army bag going. When I see things that aren't being used I put them in there. Plus I add anything that keeps ending up in the middle of the floor, that tells me it doesn't have a home and needs to go. Change of seasons is a good time to add alot. If we haven't used, worn or played with something seasonal it goes.

Janelle said...

This is a great post Ginger. This may actually be the thing that saves my sanity, lol.