Friday, March 6, 2009

Anti Antibiotics

So, what's so wrong with antibiotics anyway? I mean, there must be some good reason why you'd be willing to hole yourself up with garlic breath for something as serious as Strep, right?

If antibiotics have no side effects, why not? The problem is that they do.

Antibiotics disrupt the immune system, and kill beneficial bacteria along with the pathogens. * Antibiotics also tend to create resistant strands of bacteria so that they do not work effectively when they are really needed. ** A further complicating issue is that strep bacteria typically do not disappear from the throat after a course of antibiotics. The bacteria will persist even after signs of the infection have disappeared. If a throat culture is taken after some later date, the bacteria will still be present and another antibiotic prescription will follow even though there is no active infection. Finally, studies have shown that when antibiotics are given for strep throat, the infection tends to recur more often than when they are not prescribed.
-Taken from Holistic Pediatric Association.

* This is why many people who take antibiotics, also consume lots of Acidophilus, to counteract this. They're helping to avoid the common resulting yeast infection.

** Any doctor who tells you otherwise, is a doctor who should be replaced. You're in charge. Hire a new doc.


Sherrie said...

Ginger, I'm looking for a web site regarding herbal medicine that I can trust. Do you have nay you can suggest or should I stick with the books you have listed? I'm a novice and am sick of turning to pills to help everything. The particular condition I'm looking to help is usually treated with Estrogen as in the pill and that is just not an option for me. Thanks for your help.

Ginger said...

I refer to my books mostly, but Mountain Rose Herbs (.com) and Bulk Herb Store (.com) have great info as well.
I strongly recommend Progesterone cream (you can get it at a drug store or health food store) for your issue.