Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Preschool Reading List, Part 2

Read-Alouds for Four-Year-Olds

Whistle for Willie (and others by Ezra Jack Keats)
Mike Mulligan & His Steam Shovel
Burt Down, Deep Water Man
Time of Wonder
A New Coat for Anna
When We Were Very Young
Chester the Worldly Pig
The Giving Tree
Gregory's Shadow
Little Toot
Raggedy Ann Stories
Raggedy Andy Stories
The Ugly Duckling
The Taxi That Hurried
The Little Train (and others by Lois Lenski)
A Pair of Red Clogs
The Gingerbread Boy (and others by Paul Galdone)
Babushka's Doll
The Bee Tree (and others by Patricia Polacco)
Jeremy: The Tale of an Honest Bunny
Miss Fannie's Hat
The Trellis and the Seed
The Story of Ping
The Rag Coat
God's Wisdom for Little Girls
God's Wisdom for Little Boys

These are our favorites, please comment with your own family favorites.


ecrawfor80 said...

Jesse Bear What Will You Wear?
Caps for Sale
Anything by Don Freeman
A Chair for my mother
Katy No Pocket

Great books listed, Ginger! I found God's wisdom for little girls at the Goodwill and was so excited I was dancing in the aisle!

Ginger said...

Not sure now which list they're on, but I've got Caps for Sale, The Story about Ping, and Katy No Pocket on my lists too!
I LOVE Ping!!

ecrawfor80 said...

oops!! I didn't see ping on this list and didn't even notice this was "part 2"! Sorry about that!

SeƱora Smith said...

Hi Ginger,

I just have to share something funny & sweet... I had been culling through our twaddle the last couple of weeks, and printed the lists from AO to look for titles we don't have, and then I found your 3 & 4 yo lists. I started checking off books we own as I found them, and there were about 10 or so between the lists that I couldn't find, but was pretty sure we owned.

Fast forward to returning home from a great trip to Half Priced Books, and later that night climbing up on my 11 yo son's loft bed to read with him. He had a mountain of books piled up there - and across the room I could see that my 10 yo son had a pile, too! There among the stacks of CS Lewis, Tolkein, and Frances Hodgson Burnett books, were their favorite picture books... the ones from your lists that I couldn't find! Ping, Katy, Alexander, Caps for Sale, etc...

I was really glad I hadn't bought any of them again, but more than that was touched by what they'd chosen to keep on their beds... I hadn't even thought to go up there to look for picture books!

Thanks for your lists! Here are some other favorites of ours:

The Grump by Mark Ludy
The Farmer by Mark Ludy
Socks for Supper
Click Clack Moo Cows That Type (& the others in that series - these are just fun)