Monday, March 23, 2009

A Night Out

This is my good friend, Lis. I met her at my monthly Charlotte Mason book club and she now teaches Music Appreciation and Art at our fine arts co-op. Two months ago, she invited me to join her for a night at the symphony. I l o v e the symphony! And luckily for me, her husband doesn't (so I got his ticket!) We sat in the choral terrace, first row & center, directly behind the orchestra. I had never sat behind the orchestra before and it was awesome! We got to see everything as it happened and it was very entertaining watching the facial expressions of the conductor, let me tell you!
A few weeks after our "date", I took the kids to the symphony and I specifically requested the choral terrace. I'm taking the kids again next month and we'll sit in our new favorite spot once again. I can't wait. And they can't either.
Thanks, Lis, for that tip! You're the best!

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Lis said...

AHH! You should've asked before you posted my picture; I look aweful! I like the choral terrace too, the only bad part is, the seats are not as comfortable. So, lets take pillows with us next time! ;)~