Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh Goody! A New Book!

Pajama School - stories from the life of a homeschool graduate

One of my favorite bloggers, Jasmine, just blogged about this new book in the homeschool world. Funny title, eh? I'm looking forward to this read. I love reading homeschool success stories; they're so encouraging!

So, um, how often do you school in your pj's??


Sherrie said...

We live in Iowa so in the winter we jammy school every day unless we have to go somewhere. My kids love to stay in their jammies all day and will ask for a jammy day if we start to get busy.

Jenna said...

I've done my school in my pajamas several times.

Jenni said...


I have to confess, that we have never done school in pajamas. I do not feel productive or ready for the day until we are all dressed and ready to go! I guess I am the dissenter on this one, LOL!

Ginger said...

I occasionally let the kids school in pj's, if we're not going anywhere, but I almost never school in pj's myself. Being dressed to the shoes is what keeps me motivated.

Edward and Gretchen said...

We ALWAYS school in our jams. They are so much more comfy than wearing real clothes. I'm more productive when I'm comfortable, I guess.