Friday, April 17, 2009

The Babies

Can I still call them "the babies" even though they're both 4 now?
I love the relationship these two have. They are best buds. A couple weekends ago, I crept out of bed while Kyle was still sleeping and found Lydia and Daniel on the couch waiting for me. The first thing my kids ask for in the morning is breakfast. Are your kids that way? Anyway, I said: Let's go wake up Daddy!
So, with my encouragement, Daniel and Liddy pounced on the bed to give their Daddy a morning greeting. Kyle wasn't ready to get out of bed yet, so we all just snuggled in bed together for awhile. Lydia and Daniel were lying on my pillow facing each other when Lydia said: I love you, Daniel. You're my best friend.
What a great way for a mommy to start her day!
Yesterday, while we were all gathered at the table for lunch, the four big kids were all plotting out their next drama presentation. I was just taking it all in, not saying anything. Lydia and Daniel were on my end of the table and again Lydia looked at Daniel and said: You're my best friend, Daniel.
Perhaps all those times I had them hold hands and sit in time-out together for fighting and beating each other up (that first year after the adoption was pretty tough on Daniel. Lydia was quite the bully!), are paying off now.


Faith said...

Yes, my kids are the same way, especially Malakai. When he was littler he would say, "Mommy, I still hungwee", as if he had had something to eat but needed more. He is still the one who asks to eat first...
I love that my kids are best friends. It's the best!

Julie said...

That is sweet. I love when my kids are like that with one another.