Friday, April 3, 2009

Field Trip

As this year's Spring Fling gift from the grandparents, the kids got a membership to the Aquarium. They had never been there before and were wildly impressed.

This what's-his-name bird plopped down right in front of us, giving us all a very close look at nature. Lydia was trying to get this non-parrot to talk and whistle. He couldn't be convinced.

There were a few private schools there when we went and I was wishing I'd dressed all the kid alike. I'm thinking we could all get Polo shirts and have a logo printed on them. What do you think it should say?

I was feeling very insecure with the way these turtles were all staring at me. They may look like innocent tortoises, but they were very intimidating. I firmly told them to stop staring at me and walked away, head held high. When I'd gotten a good distance away, I glanced back, only to see them all staring at someone else. Wasn't I good enough??

As a way to amuse ourselves when we are out and about, we keep a tally chart of all the times I get asked if I run a daycare. One day last week, after only two errands, I'd heard 5 comments. That was a new record for us. We all celebrated by pointed and laughing at the 5th guy to ask. Poor guy, I think we made him insecure. We can be very intimating too.
You hear that, you crazy turtles?!

Have you ever seen the bottom side of an octopus close-up? Very cool. And this guy was very proud of all his little suction-cup-thingies. Don't tell him I called them that. He'll think me ignorant.

The kids stood staring at this octopus and all his terrified anemonoe neighbors for a good 15 minutes. Next time I'll bring a quilt and pillows.

Ever seen a shark from 5 inches away? Well we have!!
A very good time was had by all and a very long nap followed. It was a good day.


MotherOFBlessings said...

Aquariums rock!

Faith said...

SOOOOO fun! I wish we had an aquarium closer by, I LOVE them! Oh, and the kids love them too...

Sarah said...

I want to thank you for being such a positive Christian example for me. I am 21 years old and studying to be an elementary teacher, but I want to homeschool my children when I have them. I also have worked in Africa and hope to adopt at least three of my children internationally. Even attending a Bibical church, it is hard to find mothers that fit my ideal future lifestyle. Thank you for the glipse into your life.

MamaMahnken said...

Ooo, you're making me miss the Monterey Aquarium that we had memberships to! I always loved the octopus and sharks best too! I could do without those cheeky turtles though; good for you for telling them off! ;)