Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Fruit of Home Schooling

When Elena was itty bitty, we got a lot of flack for the way we chose to parent her. We put her to bed awake instead of lulling her to sleep with a ride in the car. I woke her up when she needed to eat, instead of letting her sleep as long as she wanted. I nursed her when she woke up, instead of nursing her to sleep. Lots of people didn't agree with us. But before Elena was a year old, they started to see the fruit of the way we did things. Elena was a contented baby. It took me about 2 minutes to put her bed and she didn't fuss between feedings.

Homeschooling has been the same way. Initially, we were questioned and criticized for choosing to educate our kids this way. But, after a few years of homeschooling, the criticism was replaced with praise. They began to see the fruit of homeschooling.

  • My children have very close-knit releationships with each other.
  • They are self-assured and speak in front of others with confidence.
  • They aren't too concerned with what other kids think of them. They are great at laughing at themselves.
  • They talk to adults with respect, not awkwardness. They make eye contact.
  • They are innocent. They appear younger than their same-age schooled peers because they maintain their childhood innocence so much longer.

I could go on. It is so fulfilling and rewarding to see the difference homeschooling has made. I am so proud and a little bit jealous of what my kids have developed as a result.

What fruits have you seen in your homeschooling?


Rachel Marie said...

What a blessing to see the fruit of your labors! God is good!

A Blessed Life said...

Another thing I notice is that my children are comfortable with people of all ages - not just someone their age. They have friends of all ages.

Page said...

Hey Ginger it's Page from DC! i was impressed with your comments about homeschooling and am excited that it has been such a success for your family. Apparently we have an excellent network of homeschoolers in my area and my Pastor's wife has told me of some of the great resources around here. Our son is only 2, but already my husband has been in my ear about homeschooling him when the time comes. I am nervous at the thought of it and often wonder if I have what it takes to do it and how in the world I go about getting started? I would to speak to someone like you at length about the pros and cons and get some encouragement in this area. I want to pray through this decision and see what the Lord leads us to do!

debhmom3 said...

I so agree with you! I rarely ever put my babies to sleep, just sleepy not wide awake. I always tell people that my only regret is that I didn't homeschool from the beginning. Mariah went three years to a private school and Aaron went one. Mariah especially became a different person after coming home. My kids were always close and loving of each other, but now there is so much less stress in our home and school is something they love and enjoy rather than dread. I am so grateful Ally will never have to go to a regular classroom.

rachel said...

I just love the sweet innocence that my 10 year old still has. Not ignorance or childishness. A different spirit somehow, I don't really know how to describe it.

Ginger said...

Page, HA! Great to hear from you! I would love to talk home schooling with you! My email is on my profile page.

Meg Chavez said...

You have no idea how encouraging this is to me this morning, Ginger! I have been feeling very discouraged and unmotivated in homeschooling our children & I was just praying this morning that the Lord would help me to be freshly motivated to keep on plodding away at this huge task of not only raising our precious children, but educating them too (something I often feel completely inadequate to do!).

I read your list of fruits that you have seen come to bear in your own children and could testify to every one of them in our own children as a result of keeping them at home with us (maybe this is an assumption based on what I have seen and experienced in other children the same age who are not homeschooled. Of course that is not to say that children at school can not bear the same fruit, it just seems very rare.). It helped me immensely to think further of the fruit in our children that has come to life because of our decisions to not only homeschool them but train them in the ways of the Lord in teaching them the Gospel.

Sorry this is long winded, but I just wanted to say thank you for posting this and to let you know that I believe the Lord has used you in my life this very day when I was so in need of fresh encouragment not to give up. We have been talking and praying about the idea of sending our eldest (11 yr old son) to regular school, but I feel no peace about this when Is tart to weigh up all that this decision could mean in the life of our son as far as character and spiritual growth. Sure, he would most likely end up getting a broader and more challenging education than I can provide at home, but at what cost to his heart? We will most likely continue to wrestle over this, but for today, I know the Lord has given me great encouragement to keep on serving my children by homeschooling them. Thank you.
With great thanks,
Meg in Australia

Ginger said...


You said: "Sure, he would most likely end up getting a broader and more challenging education than I can provide at home. . ."

That's untrue. Please search my blog for "Why We Love Homeschooling" and read all the links in that post. Academically, socially, and emotionally, your kids are better off homeschooled.



MamaMahnken said...

I love this post Ginger. I'm not sure I could add anything original to your list, but I have seen all those things in my children as well. I will say I have seen the fruit of homeschooling in myself, lol: I am more patient and confident in my ability to do this, and in the methods we use, and I thoroughly enjoy every moment I have with my kids. Sadly enough, that is more than I can say for many other mothers I know.

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

I looooove that they maintain their innocence.