Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Captain Ahab

Isaac caught a catfish this big! Chloe said it was "cool, but gross" when Papa chopped the head off. All the kids said it was the best fish they ever ate, which I'm sure had more to do with the conquest than the flavor. (No offence, Papa!)

Isaac asked if he would get a blue ribbon for being the best fisherman that day. Pride comes before a fall, son.
I have a theory that the delicate male ego starts at birth. He caught that fish on Saturday and I'm still hearing about it. Yes, son, I definitely think you should pursue a profession in fishing when you grow up. Clearly, you have a gift.


Nealy said...

Isaac comes by that fishing talent naturally from his great-grandma Trammell. Remember when she'd put on her big hat and walk down to the lake, throw in her line, put a rock over the pole, and walk back to the A/C? Then she'd go back to check and say, "That dad-gum fish stole my pole!" She loved to fish, just impatiently!

Kyle said...

He's a chip off the old block. Well, maybe not old block.
Good job Isaac!