Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Question, Honey

We've been reading about bees in our nature reader, so I got this movie from Netflix.
We all sat captivated as we learned more about the complicated life of the bee. While watching the way the bees flock after the queen bee, Chloe asked if bees have Mother's Day. Today, Chloe had to learn the cold hard truth that Mother's Day is only celebrated by humans. She will never be the same. She was so disappointed with those disrespectful, ungrateful little worker bees!
Isaac wanted to know who works harder: a bee or an ant? Smart question. Any ideas?


Rachel Marie said...

Well, the Bible says "go to the ant" not "go to the bee"- just a clue??

Kidcraze said...

Bees work themselves to death, literally. Ants pace themselves and assign jobs based on age (loosely).
Bees might work harder, but ants work smarter.

The Herd said...

Not even all humans celebrate Mother's Day---on this side of the's not celebrated much. It is more Women that are celebrated over here...strange, eh! So, the Russians join the bees!!!