Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Know Frugal!

Ok, put aside Daniel's greyness from your mind; he was just about to be lotioned up before bed. Stay focused. He came downstairs in super short pajama pants. Kyle and I immediately started laughing at our fashion-unconscious son. I decided to make them into shorts, since they're for bedtime anyway. And then Daniel put one of the cut legs on his head and started giggling: It's my new stocking cap!
And of course, he'll be needing a matching wristband should he sweat in bed.
Kyle and I are easily amused.


mommy4 said...

I have to admit the greyness threw me off for a while. Now I'm curious. How often do you lotion him up? Are we all really grey but you can't really tell because of our skin tone? I'm serious I don't know. OK, so back to the post. Yes you are a very creative and frugal momma. I think he looks just adorable in his Richard Simmons inspired outfit. Oh wait there are no bedazzled jewels. Anywho, I like it! ;)

Ginger said...

It's a black thing. If any one of my Liberians took a shower and didn't lube-up, they'd all be grey. But Daniel turns grey faster than anyone. I have to lube him up at least daily. For him, I use a combo of shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil.
But yes, you're also right that we all get ashy when our skin is dry, but you can't see it very well on white skin. But you're not white, Judy, so you tell me! ;)

Graceful Threads said...

Too cute and I agree very Richard Simmonsish! Feel the burn people...

Hey waste not want not right? :-)