Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Playing Games

The Clark family nighttime routine is this: Daddy reads to everyone in the girls' room and we tuck Daniel and Lydia into bed, while the big kids head downstairs.
Then the real fun begins. (Don't tell the littles.) The "big kids" pick out a game and we split into teams. (Good readers get to be their own team.)

Currently, the kids faves are: Apples to Apples, Whoonu, and Snorta. But I am so bad at Snorta, I almost always recommend another game.

We love playing games together. For Kyle and me, this has been a great reward of having older kids. That, and the fact that they can clean.

Hey, I see some unfinished chores back there! Oh well, it's downtime. I'm not putting away no stinkin' towels when I can be having fun with my family!

I'm curious: What are your nightly traditions?


Stacy said...

After dinner is usually inside time for us. We'll get Emily in her jammies, and then pick out a game to play. We don't have enough people to have teams, so we stick with things where we can play as individuals. After a game (or 2), we'll go to her room for reading time. We read one chapter from our current chapter book, read one Bible story, and review this week's Bible verse. Then it's prayer time, hugs & kisses and "night night". We leave, and she gets about 20 minutes to read before turning out her little light.

A couple times a month, we'll call it a "game night" and play several games and stay up late, but usually it's just one or 2.

Our favorite games are: Cat in the Hat - I Can Do That!, Horton Hears a Who, Cranium Cariboo, Hullaballoo, Hi Ho Cheerio, Go Fish cards & Uno.

Most of those are great for multiple ages too, so should grow with us well.

Mommaofmany said...

Our favorite game right now is UNO. It's simple enough for everyone to play, even the four year old. I have promised to play a game of "Worst Case Scenario" with the kids this weekend.

Our evenings are different all the time! Right now the weather is so nice that we play outside till about 8 PM, get a quick shower in (sometimes), red a chapter of our book and go to bed. As it gets hotter, we'll be in the pool in the evenings, or watching a movie after an afternoon of swimming.

Jenna said...

Where's the button?? ;)

We like Uno, Skip Bo and Cadoo.


Ginger said...

What button??

Jenna said...

The Curious George button.


Ginger said...

LOL! I just didn't feel like adding it in. Hey, I can be curious w/o that button!