Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Flabbergasted!

Make sure you notice what's on the stage behind this "pastor".


Faith said...

I was gonna post a snarky comment but I will abstain;) Wow, to think how many people would come to Christ!

Stacy said...

It's definitely not the reason to turn to Christ, however, I do think that sex is an important part of a Christian marriage (1 Cor 7:5), and not to be overlooked just because society has corrupted it.

If you haven't had an opportunity, listen to pastor Mark Driscoll on the subject! We were blessed to see him preach about Song of Solomon in person, but you can also check him out on YouTube if you search for Mark Driscoll - The Peasant Princess. Highly recommend it!

Ginger said...

I'm not questioning that it's an important part of marriage. Ever read Song of Solomon? Oh my!!
But I question his point. If people are led to the Lord b/c of our initimate lives, they're missing the point entirely. And what on earth are we doing talking about it publicly anyway???

Stacy said...

I agree 100% that it's not a reason to come to the Lord! That's completely missing the point of knowing our Father!

As for talking about it publicly, however, I do think it's important to discuss the topic of sex in a Christian marriage publicly. Otherwise, all anyone sees/hears is the world's view of it. I don't think we need to discuss certain details of our own private life publicly, but the topic needs discussing. I believe that a lot of Christians feel condemnation, shame, and other emotions that do not belong in a Christian marriage because they are misled by what the world says about sex, or how it is portrayed as something that's only 'fun' outside of marriage. Others think that to save yourself for marriage, or to be a Christian means that area of your life will be 'boring'. Worse yet, many are feeling guilt about something that's happened to them in the past instead of realizing the redemption that our Savior can bring!

Ok, moving on! :-)

Our Glorious Days said...

I think it is unfair to judge without hearing the whole sermon. The text used at the end was taken out of context also, I think.

Beth said...

I didn't watch the whole video, so I don't know how "intimate" he got...
Our pastor just finished a sermon series entitled "Sex and the Bible". He "warned" us ahead of time, and did not get too intimate about it. He basically gave the world's views of fornication, pornography, homosexuality, etc. and then told about God's views. He did a wonderful job. Why wouldn't we talk about it in church if God talks about it in His Holy Word? I don't mean spilling our guts about our personal sex life. I mean preaching God's Truth about the subject. Unfortunately, many people haven't heard His side. I would daresay that most young people hear about sex from their peers and the public school system. Even Christian kids.

Ginger said...

I agree that we can't judge the whole thing based on this little blip, but there are several things I disagree with:
He gave this message on a Sunday. Where did he tell the youth and single to go while he talked about sex?
How will anyone know that we believers have better sex unless we tell them what we do in bed?
And if people are drawn to Christ because of a promise of a better sex life, they've missed the point totally.

Beth said...

I ask this based on the way our church did this, not the guy in the video: do you think it's wrong to discuss sex, not mechanics or in an intimate way, but just the basics of what is in God's Word with youth and singles? Do you believe it is wrong to stand up in church and say, "Sex outside of marriage" is wrong and then to expound on that with the various Scriptures that teach that? That truth applies both to the singles as well as the married.
If/when/how do you think it would be appropriate to discuss sex in church?


Ginger said...

I think a Song of Solomon study among mixed company would be inappropriate. That book is very erotic when you understand the meanings.
However, when we were going thru Ephesians as a church, we certainly didn't skip over Eph 5 about fornication and adultery, which have no place in the life of a believer. Obviously Christian singles need to understand God's view of $ex and marriage, but announcing on a Sunday morning that Christians should have better/more exciting $ex than unbelievers is not helpful or appropriate.
The test for me is: Does it cause people to imagine or visualize $ex? If so, it isn't appropriate for singles.

Beth Humphrey said...

I agree with your test, and our sermon series passed it.
I also agree that SOS would be way too intimate in any mixed company.
Thanks for clarifying,

Anonymous said...

A singles point of view: Can't say that I really agree with your test because just saying the word sex in general will cause a single person to envision it. My pastor talks about sex to the whole church quite often with discretion of course. He says that it is a gift from God and that within the confines of marriage it is one of the most enjoyable things. I don't really think that there was anything wrong with what this pastor was saying except that the world should be jealous. But what I think he was really saying is that CHRISTIANS, within a marriage, should have the best sex lives- that they should be the best lovers, give the best and most of themselves to each other. That they should utilize the God given gift even more than the people in the world. That they should understand how the intimacy between the husband and wife is reflection of our intimacy to God.