Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Too Good Not to Share

A friend just posted this on Facebook and I thoroughly enjoyed this hilarious bit of opinion that all of us "big families" share:

So You Prefer I Use Birth Control?

Will you please allow me a little rant? Yes I know about love and grace and kindness, but does that really bar my right to get agitated?

The pastor sitting beside me as I waited to get my hair cut was a talker. I mean big time. You should know, by the way, that I don’t “jump” to tell people I have 8 children anymore. Not because I’m ashamed of it…maybe it’s more of my weariness of the cliches and attempts at making me feel ashamed for my convictions.

So he’s really chattering, to me, and to my 7-year-old about the baby who’s sleeping in her seat. And it finally comes up–the number of siblings. His response? (Grabs arms of his seat on either side and leans forward…) “ARE YOU CRAZY?” Did I mention he was a pastor?

Rolled off. Smiles, answer with my own cliche...”No, I’m blessed.” Another day.

Then yesterday, at the Thrift store, a lady I recognize. Oh, she’s a lady that frequented our home often when my mother used to cater a monthly meal for The Gideons. You know those people who do the wonderful work of spreading the Word of God? She had already bumped into my mom. So she says, when she sees me…

“I hear you’ve got number 8 in that buggy?” Now, most people who see someone they know whom they haven’t seen in a while say things like, “Let me see that new baby?” Or even more simply, “How have you been?” Not this time.

“Yes ma’am”, I say.

She replies, “Don’t you know what causes that?”

OK, here’s the thing. That question is as tired as jelly shoes and twist-a-beads. (You’ll only know what that is if you grew up in the 80’s.) If you feel the need to make a joke, could you come up with an original one?

Read the rest here.

And please share if you have any unusual or comedic responses to these old and worn comments?


Rachel Marie said...

I am weary of those comments and I "only" have 5! Seriously- I cannot go anywhere with all of my children without being gawked at and told over and over that I've got my hands full!!!!

Mrs T said...

I was listening to Family Life Today in the car today. They were talking about adoption. The guest said he now answers with "We have ONLY 8 children." Then he smiles and waits for it to sink in.

He said it stops people and ask what he means and he is able to share the gospel take on dc (including adoption and how we are ALL adopted by God)


Can't wait to say that myself someday, Lord willing

Christy said...

My motto is, a stupid question gets a stupid response. "Do you know what causes that?" My response, "Oh yes, we finally figured it out and now my husband and I don't share our toothbrushes anymore!" or any other ridiculous response. You gotta keep your sense of humor with these people. ;)
There is a list of some really hilarious comebacks on this site.
I would never say some of them but they sure did crack me up.

Meg said...

Thanks for posting this, Ginger. As a mother of 7, I also struggle not to be upset at times by people's (friends, family & strangers, Christian & non Christian alike)smart remarks. Some are just trying to be funny (although totally not original in their attempt!)but it is obvious that others are either flat out mortified or show their disapproval of our family size by their sarcasm, but laugh as though they don't really mean it. I have even had a Christian make a snide remark that we were just giving birth to 'another tax deduction'.
Thos last pregnancy I finally got up the nerve to respond to 2 women, 1 of which had made smart comments since I was pregnant with our 2nd baby. She wrote a rude email asking if we knew what caused that - so I replied that, "Yes we do, & we have so much fun doing it!". I haven't heard from her since, but I guess my response shocked her so much that she told her family, who commented on my shocking response! Which is the more shocking - alluding to the fact that my husband & I enjoy our sex life, or making rude comments about precious children who are gifts from the Lord?
It saddens me how far we have come from valuing children as blessings instead of burdens. Blessings to you & your precious family.
Meg in Oz

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

Yep, I've heard all those same comments..multiple times. :)
I need to start keeping an ongoing list. I thought this one was the most original one I've ever heard...
"WOW! Another Rowland Rabbit?!"
I've decided to not get offended by silly comments, I've still to this day never felt like anyone was purposefully saying anything hurtful, I think most people are just shocked and say the first thing that comes to mind. But hey, with #7 on the's possible I could run into a meanie! I guess I'll probably just do what I seem to always and chuckle. :)

Kidcraze said...

The best one I have heard to the question of "do you know what causes that?" is "why, yes. Do you not know? I"m so sorry, would you like me to explain it to you?" Very sincerely, of course.

I haven't had the guts to say that, but last week I did use the, "Why yes, and we enjoy it very much" which totally embarrassed the man who started it with his rude question.