Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Best Friends

I have recently discovered Lamplighter books and I am soooooo happy! My good friend, Lis, and I are both book addicts. She has a bunch of Ballantyne books that her 10 year old son is devouring AND she actually got the entire G.A. Henty collection for Christmas!! I was green with envy.

Well, she told me about Lamplighter books, which are character-building books for boys and girls (unlike Ballantyne, which are really geared towards boys). I bought 2 just to try them out and oh my goodness, I was so impressed!

This was the first book we read and it was phenomenol. Really. You can read about it there, and I won't ruin the ending, but it was shocking. Sad and sweet and really surprising. My kids are still talking about it and we finished it over a month ago. These kinds of books are priceless.

So, I can borrow all of Lis's Henty books and she can borrow my Lamplighters. Our kids will never lack quality literature. :D

P.S. Lis, I just got 3 more in the mail today!! WooHoo!


Bones said...

Oh, no, Ginger. It is not nice to entice fellow book addicts. tsk tsk tsk I was celebrating yesterday that I haven't bought a new book all year! Now my record will be broken. LOL

Rachel Marie said...

that's a great deal you've got going- we love the lamplighters and have a collection, but nobody to trade henty's with!