Friday, June 11, 2010

What Do Your Kids Watch?

What do your kids watch on tv or online? What games do they play online?

Would love your opinion about this.


momto12 said...

Only movies! Gave up on TV!

Faith said...

We just got TV again after 6 years without. The are shows we let them watch are some PBS kids shows, The Duggar show and certain shows on History Channel and other learned channels. We record everything we think we may want them to watch and then see if it is educational at all. If it's not, then it gets deleted. The exception to this is the Duggar's.
My kids don't go on the internet at all.


Graceful Threads said...

I think the only way a Christian can have a TV in their home is that they have become totally desensitized to the violence and vulgarity, not to mention the subtle suggestions of humanism.

There may be a little redeemable material put out through the TV, just like there may be some good chicken fajita meat at the bottom of Abuelos trash can. Not gonna go digging for it though.

Visual sugar. Rots the brain.

Cant watch a show without a homo as the witty hero and a sexy woman running things.

Does it edify? Does it inspire me to be a better wife? Does it motivate my children to be more obedient and self controlled?

Paul said just cuz its lawful doesn't mean its expedient.

Psalm 101:3 I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes....

Ginger said...

I notice you're zeroing in on TV. What about the internet? My question was: what do they watch?

Are you guys watching the video? What did you think of it?

Graceful Threads said...

Ok I'll focus. Yes I watched the video. Consumption and Consumerism in American doesnt make us a great Nation, it is our downfall.

Yes, the advertisers exploit our kids for greedy gain.

Yes, we all have way too much stuff. We are no doubt rich and increased with goods, we have need of nothing, not even God. TV promotes that notion. Maybe Netflix is a good alternative?

Im thinking my children will grow up and HAVE to use the internet. So, I allow them to use it for school or to correspond with others on occasion. I sit beside them when they are online.

The other day I Googled the words Quiverfull (or something similair). A perverse site came up as an option...I suppose because of the word quiver. I called my kids in the room and showed them the option(didnt open the site) and said this is why your father and I are so adamant about being present when you are on line. We know and trust you, we dont trust Google.

I think we must teach our children to use the internet as a tool, not a toy.

O my, there I go again. Ok really focus now....My kids watch Andy Griffith. Little House on the Prarie. Man Vs. Wild. McGuyver. VF DVDs like Return of the Daughters. Duggar videos. I Love Lucy.

Ginger said...

Thank you, GT, very helpful. I would really think about what your kids are getting out of Little House on the Prairie. I'm serious. It deals w/ a lot of hot topics (drugs, dating, feminism, etc) but in a different century. I thought it would be a great option for entertainment but hubby and I were quite surprised at what it was teaching.

Graceful Threads said...

LHOP and drugs, dating, feminism in the same sentence?

Im aghast!


We purchased and watch season 1 and 2. Ma always obeys and admires Pa. There is usually a mention of Bible and God. The kids obey, unless they dont and then they always repent before show ends. I have never seen any cleavage. Hard work family and perserverance are on going themes.

Reckon, it gets worse as the seasons progress? Because I can only think of a couple of instances of worldliness, like Laura wanting a boyfriend, and then Mr. Edwards does have that little problem with the bottle, but God delivered him.....

Was surprised to learn Eugene Maurice Orowitz wasnt a Christian.

Elizabeth said...

Well, it seems that when they're little (like 2 1/2-5) they watch a video while I do school with the olders. Somethings like signing time, elmo, clifford, letter factory. As they get older they don't watch much at all unless they're in a letter factory mood. They do watch some man vs. wild, the little bear DVDs from VF, Duggars and every once in awhile an old disney movie or some feature legnth movie we've preapproved. That's G most always.
We don't have TV. Hate commercials, hate how the kids show change the pic every 3 seconds. No wonder everyone has ADHD now!
Watched the video and it made me sick and sad. I like to pretend I'm the majority and that most parents don't let their kids watch TV, but I'm guessing that's not the case.

Mommaofmany said...

In the later ones, Albert runs away, becomes addicted to morphine, steals, lies, etc.

There's another episode where a girl is pregnant by her abusive father.

Mrs. Olsen...enough said.

This being said, my children are allowed to watch it sometimes.

I haven't watched the video yet, Ginger. I'll likely comment again after I have.

Elizabeth said...

i forgot about internet. They play one game on a site called your child learns. It's where they do geography puzzles. however, they don't play often and I have to be right there to make sure they don't accidentally click something.

Graceful Threads said...

Just one more quick observation. Even the clip you posted here touting all the evils of TV and consumerism uses the *TV industry practice* of changing the scene every 5 to 8 seconds.

The speakers are cut up into little bites. It makes it more palatable to our ADHD brains.
Holds our attention. It mesmerizes us into not looking away lest they change the screen to another speaker or a another *bite*.

Ever notice that?

TV isnt real, especailly the reality shows. A real reality show would put a camera in the corner of ones room and let it record.. thats reality. Boring and annoying. Who would watch that?

I know I may sound nutty here but I truly believe TV rewires our brains to think in little blurbs. To be more impulsive, less self controlled.

And when was the last time you saw something on TV that called you to serve others or love God more?

Ritalin anyone?

Ginger said...

The Duggars (19 Kids & Counting) does encourage me to serve others and love God more, but their show is definitely a rarity.
GT, you need to read Endangered Minds. You'd love it!

Graceful Threads said...

^^^^ordered it^^^^ for 32 cents on Amazon, I'll let you know what I think about it. I thought of you when I posted on my blog today. :)

MamaOlive said...

My children watch videos:
Moody Science classics
Beginner's Bible
scripture songs (Cedermont Kids, Steve Green, etc)
recently introduced (and kept limited) - Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, Beverly Hillbillies, Andy Griffith.

They play Webkinz online, and sometimes watch a video hubby or I find on YouTube (we make it full screen so they don't see the ads) - usually preaching, singing, or a documentary of some sort.

They have a computer that isn't online and play games on it like Tonka, AMAZing Bible, Curious George, Blue's Clues.

We have a Wii, and do Sports Resort, Littlest Pet Shop, hunting, and Fit.

We do not have tv signal right now. I would only watch broadcast tv with a DVR and skip commercials, and only a few shows at that.

MamaOlive said...

About the video you posted, I think it is sad that children are being trained into sheeple like the rest of us. But the conclusion of the video seemed to beg for government regulation, which I don't think is the answer at all.

Ginger said...

I agree. Gov't regulation isn't the answer to anything in my opinion.
I, um, didn't watch the entire video. I was too disturbed by it to keep watching. I've been caught! How embarrassing!

MommaofMany said...

I agree, Mama Olive. Just being aware of the constant advertising is important. My Lambies roll their eyes and say, "Commercial!" when they see 'sly' product placement. No way we can get totally away from advertising, though. We are in this world, though not OF it.

MamaMahnken said...

We don't have pay tv, so we only get the few channels that come over the air, and PBS is not one of them. All tat to say,m we don't watch much, though we have recently discovered that Liberty's Kids is on Saturdays at noon (or 1?) and have been enjoying that. Other than that we watch a movie once or twice a week, some disney, some veggietales, baby einstein for the babies. Some live action family movies, and the kids love Sound of Music & Pride and Prejudice :) Oh, no internet games, unless you count starfall. DH has been letting them watch Looney Toons online - classic!