Friday, July 16, 2010

I Tried to Make Chicken Broth

I have lately ventured into making my own chicken broth. Who knew it was so easy?! I dump some leg quarters in the crock-pot, cover them with water, add salt & pepper, crush some garlic in and get on with my life. Come back later; debone the chicken & drop the bones back in the crock-pot. Get on with living for another 4-6 hours. Drain it and you've got some really delicious broth!

So, the other day I deboned my chicken and dropped the bones back in (and by "I" I mean Maya). Then, as my recipe suggests, I got on with life (and by that I mean "take a nap"). When I woke up, I remembered the broth and went to check on it. Something didn't look right. Too thin and watery. I stirred it around and only found 2 bones in it. What in the world?!

Maaaaaayyyyyyyaaaaaaa, where are the rest of the chicken bones?
{guilty look from her and from Isaac who happened to be nearby}

{confused look from Mama} Where are the other bones?

"We ate them."


mommy4 said...

No way! They did not eat them! What did you tell them? And why can I not stop laughing?

Ginger said...

What did I tell them? What did I tell them??
I told them that next time around they better not eat the bones until I've made the broth!!!

MommaofMany said...

Carnivores all the way!!! Have they been hanging around my Lambies? ;)

Dusti said...

My children eat the bones too.. It shocked me when I first saw.. they learned it from our friends in NC. They all will get to bickering if they don't get their share after stock making! My husband and I get a kick out of it.. And we don't eat them ;)