Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sex Education for Five-Year-Olds

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Stacy (www.whomovedmycoffee.com) said...

This just made me sick, but oh-so thankful that we homeschool! I posted this on my FB page too, so thanks for sharing. Handing out condoms even after parents object? Are you kidding me? I picked up a "how babies are made" book the other day at a book sale and was just flipping through it for grins. I actually bought it as a joke to show Rob, since I got it for almost nothing. It was done in a way that made it *appear* as though it would be appropriate for young kids. Cute drawings, bright colors, lots of pictures, etc. But then, on one of the pages, I saw the word "abortion". It went on to explain that this is used when people don't mean to get pregnant, and that you can still go on to get pregnant again later, usually without complications. Oh my stars! It went in the trash :)