Thursday, August 26, 2010


The health benefits of bayberry are mainly for the treatment of colds, coughs, fever, and similar flu-like ailments and symptoms. It is also a powerful herb to help women relieve the symptoms of a heavy menstrual period.

Bayberry extract has also proven helpful with digestion and helping to cleanse the liver of harmful toxins, as well as promoting increased circulation. It is also an astringent herb and helps to strengthen the immune system. It helps to fight bacterial infection and parts of the plant can be applied to the skin to treat symptoms of itching, sores, and even hair loss. Usually this is done as a poultice made from bayberry and other useful herbs.

Bayberry can be taken as a tea, powdered in a capsule, or in tincture form.

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Thanks for the insight... I'm very interested in learning more about herbs and their benefit as I don't know much about them.