Monday, August 23, 2010

Modest Exercise: Is It Possible?

I have been working out with Bob Harper (Biggest Loser DVDs) for the past three months. Much earlier than that, I realized that working out a gym was no longer feasible, and it was time for workout videos. I knew several people who were using Jillian Michael's workouts, but her typical attire is a sports bra and shorts and her typical language is not family-friendly. I needed something that was appropriate for my kids to see and hear since I was going to be only a few yards away from them.
Enter Bob. He wears a t-shirt and shorts and doesn't cuss (on the videos). I've been very happy with the Boot Camp and Weight Loss YogaDVDs, and the kids get a kick out of hearing me talk back to Bob. (Yes, it's burning, Bob!!) But. . .

What am I going to do when I get bored with these? As far as I know, the other Biggest Loser DVDs include trainers and/or contestants who want to show off their midriffs. I tried a dance aerobics DVD and that was entertaining (for my kids watching and laughing at me), but was a tad out of my league.
Do you know any family-friendly workout videos I could try?

Help a girl, will ya?


MommaofMany said...

I, too, am a fan of Bob. I have Jillian's DVD's, too, but I don't like being yelled at, so use them less often. Her Yoga Meltdown is pretty good.

My husband and I just began P90. I bought it from Amazon, using swagbucks for over half the cost. I haven't looked at the second half of the program's DVD's, but have seen the both workouts of the first. The models wear appropriate clothes as far as I have noticed. I didn't have the kids in the room, since we were working at 5 AM. :)

You can see the commercial for P90 here:

paisley said... has lots of videos and previews. I don't have any suggestions for you, but if it exists, you will find it there. I miss you on CL. Blessings, paisley

Kidcraze said...

I like Wii Fit and use the male trainer on there ;)
But I'm not a serious workout-aholic...I need to get with it.

Stacy said...

Hi, I found your blog through Grace King nd have enjoyed a lot of your homeschooling posts as we're about to start homeschooling this year. I read a post about exercising with preschoolers. She mentioned a DVD set, I'm not sure about the modesty and other issues you brought up but all the information she shared seemed like a lot of the women were using the DVDs with the children nearby so...maybe.

Amber said...


Kelly said...

Leslie Sanson Walk Away the pounds.

dkt said...

I have no idea if this is feasable for you, but for a long time I was a member at Curves for Women. At least in the curves that I have been in (about 3 or 4 different ones), the population mostly consisted of older ladies --i was the youngest by quite a few years! :D But there are NO mirrors and everybody I worked out with wore t-shirts and shorts. The manager of my curves was a Christian (the owners are Christian too) and it was a pleasant atmosphere and a great workout. And compared to other gyms, it was reasonably priced.

Have fun!

Ginger said...

So where do you put your kids? I'm not too interested in having them in daycare. BTDT

Faith said...

Some of my friends made their own videos for modesty reasons. They used a video that they liked and then video taped themselves doing the work out. Another bonus was that they were able to pick their own music to go along with it.