Friday, September 3, 2010

How Can You Have Quality Time With That Many??

I was talking to my stepdad the other day about two young boys he knows. Their mother works full-time and prefers to spend her weekends with her boyfriend rather than her children. My stepdad was lamenting how much these sweet children want time with their mom and he made this comment:
If only they could have as much quality time with their mom as your children do with you!

I found that very ironic given the way the world views big families. We can't possibly have enough time with our children, right? I mean, sure we might be home with them all day long (since so many big families tend to homeschool), but how can we spend quality time with all of them when there are so many?

Ha! And again I say HA!!


Handsfullmom said...

You're right -- I often wish people could spend a day here and see just how much positive attention each child really gets, not just from me but from each other.

Lande said...

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The Pennington Point said...

Yes, it's definitely quality time and not quantity time. I am glad your stepdad noticed how much more time your children get than those two boys. Lisa~