Sunday, September 12, 2010

How We Do Bible Study

On weekdays, Kyle makes breakfast for all of us so I don't have to. I know, I'm spoiled.
While the kids are eating their breakfast, I read the Psalm and Proverb of the day. I say the same thing every time: Today is September 15th, so I'm going to read Psalm 15. Then, I'll read our memory verse of the week. I use hand motions and dramatic inflection to help them commit it to memory. They love this.
Then we read the section that our pastor just taught the previous Sunday. We've been working through the Sermon on the Mount, and this week we covered Matthew 7:12 After a week of reading this verse every day, they have learned it. That was easy! If only applying it could be as simple.
Then, I'll read the memory verse again.
(All this time, Julia is sitting in Maya's lap, practicing sitting still during worship. It really pays off at church.)
Finally, I take prayer requests and we all take turns praying.

I want my kids to learn that time spent in the Word is top priority. If we don't have time for anything else, this is the one thing we don't sacrifice. So it's always first.


heartchild said...

We just started doing the same thing last week. I can't believe we didn't do it before, we love it! There is no better way to start the day.

Stacy - said...

We always open with prayer, read our Bible story, and learn/practice our weekly memory verse first too! For the same reason...if nothing else happens, I want that to happen.

I feel convicted after reading your post though. Why? Well, I pray WITH Emily. I pray FOR Emily. We pray OVER Emily. She says her prayers. Yet, not once do I think I've ever asked her for her prayer requests, or how I could be praying for her.

I'm going to start doing that. Thanks!

Ginger said...

So far, the kids almost never ask for prayer for themselves, although I hope they do at some point. Right now, their prayers are always for the salvation of people they know. Actually, they do pray for courage and compassion to share the gospel. Isaac frequently prays that.