Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Discoveries of the Day

I've recently discovered:

  • if you leave an earthworm in a box of dirt for a month, it really stinks
  • if you leave a diaper on a baby for too long, you have to peel it off
  • poetry is far easier for kids to memorize than math facts
  • sarcasm is a hard (and really bad) habit to break
  • when you stay home a lot, you save a lot of money
  • I don't like staying home a lot
  • the library has almost everything I want to read
  • emailing InterLibrary Loan requests makes me very happy
  • Vision Forum sales get better and better the closer Christmas gets
  • Vision Forum's deal of the day was a genius marketing strategy
  • I wish I'd thought of it
  • I have a compulsive desire to make people think my life is easier than it really is
  • homeshooling 7 children is hard; no matter what I tell you
  • God's grace is always sufficient, but I have to ask for it first


Penny said...

Thank you for this post Ginger! Sometimes I was chuckling and sometimes saying hmmm...wow. That last one especially...Thank you. I need to ASK for it.

Midlife Army Wife said...

Hilarious! The same thing happens if you leave your captured ladybug in a container with fresh leaves too long. The leaves grow mold, and the whole thing stinks...literally.