Friday, November 12, 2010

Keeping Perspective

I struggle with getting frustrated with my kids. That whole 2 part post on teaching children to think -- that was for me. I know that I need to do that, but I still struggle with frustration about why I have to do it. I want my kids to pick up the jacket instead of stepping over it. (Nevermind that plenty of 20-year-olds do the same.)
In the midst of a season of frustration, little reminders will pop up to remind me to focus on the big picture:
  • Three times in one day, I overheard Maya tell someone that I was her best friend
  • Lydia was running out the door, but stopped in her tracks, ran back to me to kiss me and say: "I love you and I think you're cute"
  • A perfect stranger comes up to me just to tell me my kids are polite
  • Isaac draws a picture of him hugging me, with a bubble above his head that says: You're the best mom ever
  • A friend tells me what a joy it is having my family over, because my kids are so well behaved
And suddenly I realize what a wretch I am for taking my sweet children for granted.

Today, focus on all the things your kids do right. See if it doesn't change your attitude.


Ben and April said...

Needed this reminder today! Thank you!

Nealy said...

Words of affirmation don't come naturally; criticism does. It's so hard to make the immediate response a word that doesn't come naturally. Michelle Duggar always tries to focus on finding something good to say. I think I'm going to hang words of affirmation around the house to remind me. BTW, your kids ARE extremely polite, and...I think you're cute, too! ;)