Friday, November 5, 2010

Need Your Advice

*This is not a picture of our kitchen. But it sure is pretty, isn't it? ;)

1. We need a new dishwasher. We use it everyday. What do you recommend? If you have a big family, I really want to know what you have.
2. We also need a new vacuum cleaner. We don't have any carpet, but we do have rugs. I want good attachments. What do you recommend?


Note: There will be no monetary reward for information provided. You will receive your reward in heaven (if we buy what you recommend. and are happy with it. and if there are appliance review rewards in heaven.)


Kidcraze said...

We bought a Bosch dishwasher last year and I absolutely love it. It is so quiet you hardly know it is running and it does a good job cleaning, too. We didn't get the highest end one, just their basic one. Sometimes it doesn't dry them completely, but that is a small thing to me.

Can't help ya on the vacuum. I still use a broom and a dustbuster :)

mommy4 said...

We have a dyson, I love it. I've had it for 6 years. That sucker will suck up anything! The only bad thing is that the attachments are kinda hard to put on and take off. Our dyson we have is the original yellow one. On that one the hose connection has broken off many times and there is NO replacement hose for it, so Tino had to make some adjustments so it works. I'm not sure how the newer one is, but check it out in the store. Good luck, I'm sure you'll find the best deal!

Robin said...

We have a family of 7. We have a whirlpool that we've had 4-5 months that we've been happy with. I would not recommend frigidaire - broke just after the warranty ended - or the cheapest bosch - broke w/i 2 weeks and always smelled.

Elizabeth said...

We have dyson slim. I love it. No other vacuum lasted longer than a year for us. This one also has a 6 year warranty. We've used the warranty and are pleased with the company and customer service. I don't have trouble with getting the attachments on and off. However, we have wall to wall carpet...if that affects (effects??) my review. Oh...and it cleans really well, super easy to empty, etc.

MommaofMany said...

Whatever you choose, stay far far away from LG and Home Depot. I have had the worst experience with our top-of-the-line LG dishwasher's motor burning out and other problems. Home Depot doesn't stand behind their products and LG has horrible customer service. Buy whatever Costco sells and you'll be safe!

Shell said...

We have a portable dishwasher so, sorry I can't help you that way.

Vacumn cleaner; we have a bagless $60 Dirt Devil Vision from Walmart. We gave up buying more expensive ones breaking as fast as the cheap ones. I like the attachments that are right on the front of the vac to quickly grab and return. No bags, hepa filter and not too heavy.

Hope this helps.


dkt said...

We just bought the Hoover Platinum Cyclonic Bagless Canister vac. I got it after spending h.o.u.r.s. reading reviews and what Consumer Reports had to say. You will always find negative reports about any vacuum, but this seemed to be a "best buy" --good quality, lower price. Since we've been married, I've always bought cheap ones and replaced them every 9-12 months. I'm hoping to not do that anymore. My mother in law spent like $2000 18 years ago and bought a rainbow--she's hardly had any problems for 18 years, but we just don't have $2000 sitting around! :P i wish! ha! So, I think you get what you pay for. I'm hoping for 5-7 years.

For barefloors, you will probably want a canister vac. That is what is best and they all come with a lot of attachments for different things. Canister vacs are known for being great on bare floors, not so great on carpet, but the model we bought was rated good/very good on carpet. It was rated not so good on manuverability, but I haven't had a problem with it at all--not sure why the low rating. The kids use it just fine.

Anyway! I highly recommend consumer reports... do you know anyone who subscribes that would let you on their account? It's very handy...

New appliances are fun! :) you wouldn't have caught me saying that 10 years ago...but hey! I'm a mom to many now!! Gotta love my new toys! :)

Ginger said...

I've been kinda scared away from CR from all the people saying they bought a lemon based on a CR review. I tend to stick with Amazon or Epinions reviews where I can read lots of different peoples' experiences.
I'm now looking at a Miele canister vac. We'll see where that leads. Reading all the reviews is making me absolutely dizzy!

Jamie Wooddell said...

One idea on the vacuum would be, once you narrow it down, call a local vacuum shop and ask them their opinion of the brand you've chosen. They know best which ones are always/never in the shop.