Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Me in 1992,

I'm writing to you from the future to tell you something no one will tell you. You don't have to date. Despite what everyone is telling you about dating lots of guys so you'll figure out what you want in a husband, there is a better way. That thought in the back of your mind that you already know what you want in a husband is right. You want a husband who loves and serves the Lord. You don't need to date anyone to figure that out.
There's another way of finding a mate that won't require you to leave little bits of your heart with lots of guys who won't become your husband. Trust the Lord! All that time you're spending with all your friends-- that's the best way to see a guy's true character. Spending time alone with men, that won't tell you the truth. One on one, all these guys will put their best foot forward. You'll only get to know their best sides. That's not enough.
If you want to find out how a guy handles conflict, whether he respects his parents, or how he treats people, watch him interact with your friends. Watch how he treats the adults at church.
And wait.
Wait for the man God has for you. He should go to your Daddy first, not you. That's how you'll know he respects his parents. He'll respect yours. Don't waste your time dating guys you don't know well. There's a better way.
It's called courtship.



Andrea H. said...

I loved this post so much. Nobody speaks the truth the way you do on your blog. Truth many people just don't want to hear. I will have to tell my 22 year old daughter about your entry. I keep telling her just what you said today but she just doesn't get it. It will be nice to have that thought from another mom. Although I have to say, I didn't become a Believer until she was 16 and by that time I had taught her what the world is teaching. But she is a work in progress, for sure! Thanks again for this precious post!

Jamie Wooddell said...

Oh how I wish I had known to protect my heart! I would love to go back and tell myself these same words. "Jamie, your heart is a precious gift. Don't give it away easily." How much regret I could have prevented.
But now, my eyes have been opened. And I know how to prepare my children. Thank you God!