Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Boy & How He Breaks My Heart

I love to tease my Isaac. I walk up behind him, whip around him, and just start smooching all over his face. Embarrasses him, but he secretly loves it. I know this.
Yesterday, I made a joke and was totally cracking myself up. I said: Oh Isaac, you'll never meet a woman as funny as I am.
He raised his eyebrows and made a face like he wasn't so sure. Can you believe that? Then he leaned over to Maya and whispered something in her ear, laughing.
Maya, of course, never keeps his secrets (I think he knows this), so as soon as I ask: What did he say?!?, Isaac dashes out of the room laughing.

"He said he already has."

Naturally I was crushed. Surely I'm still the queen in his life and he was merely joking. Right?

For about a month, I was working out daily with Isaac. I loved it. Isaac loves anything that builds his muscles and I loved the time with him. One day I said: Isaac, you ready? Let's workout!
He acts like he's been keeping a secret from me and can't figure a way out. He shrugs his shoulders and nonchalantly says: Nah. I don't want to.
No thanks, mom.
What's going on, Isaac? Why don't you want to work out with me?
He's stifling a grin now, but keeps quiet. (He's good at this.)
I won't belabor this, but this went on for a few minutes before I finally got him to tell me the truth:
"I don't need to lose weight!"

Oh man, I did not take that well. So I'm no longer funny and I'm a fatty.

It was too much for this old fuddy duddy.

I wept for days.


Nealy said...

That's hilarious! I can't stop laughing! Art Linkletter was right: "Kids say the darndest things!"

debhmom3 said...

Oh, Ginger, so funny!! I feel terrible to be laughing at your expense, but really, hilarious!