Tuesday, February 22, 2011

REALLY Cheap Entertainment

While I was blissfully reading on the couch, Elena was creating an alter ego for herself with paper, a little tape, and a Sharpie marker. When she prowled over to me, I was scared out of my wits and didn't recognize this burly heathen as my innocent daughter. Angry brows fool me every time.
Once I regained my composure and started breathing normally again, I offered her a proposition: maintain her pseudo identity on a mission to obtain groceries for the family, and I would pay her with a crisp one dollar bill.
Without negotiation, she accepted my terms.

All the Clarks piled into the van and headed to the store. I could hardly wait. All through the aisles, Angry Brow Man waved to anyone who made eye contact with him. His serious expression never failed him, he was a man on a mission! What we learned was somewhat disappointing: not many people make eye contact with other people at the grocery store! Each person who walked past Angry Brow Man without looking him in the eye made him bow his head in defeat. But he quickly lifted his head once again, ready for a new challenge. With each look, I bust out laughing. You really should have been there. I've never had so much fun from a single dollar bill in all my life.

One little girl, hand in hand with both her parents, couldn't keep her eyes off Angry Brow Man. She kept looking back, with trepidation and confusion in her eyes, as the whole Clark team tried in vain to keep their laughter silent.

Take the one dollar challenge. I double dog dare you.


Rachel Marie said...

too funny!

Elizabeth said...


ok, so there's an add for breast cancer awareness on your blog and it's going through pictures of women that are clearly topless (althought you can only see from the shoulders up)...thought you'd want to know!

Nealy said...

You double-dog dare me? Sorry, I'm too bashful. I don't have the bravery and tenacity of my Elena! I'll furnish the dollar, however, to the next grand who wants to walk through the store with me in disguise!

Ginger said...

Thanks for the heads up, Elizabeth. I had asked for that ad to be removed over a month ago. Drat!

MamaMahnken said...

You crack me up! :D

DNA said...

Your blog has now become a bad example to my children. They all now want to try this. :P

Thanks for the laughs. What great family entertainment. :D

Dusti said...

This is so cute and brings back a funny memory of me doing something similar as a child- I got the same reaction. People are missing out on a laughter and real emotion by not willing to engage with a good look in the eyes.

~Stephanie said...

HILARIOUS!!! Sounds like something we might do!