Friday, February 11, 2011

Teaching Children to Love Reading - School Age

When children get to school age, there's a temptation to ask them lots of questions about the book they're reading. DON'T DO IT! School teachers ask kids: Who's the main character? What was the setting? etc ad nauseum because they have no idea if little Miranda actually read the book or not. They have to ask these questions to make sure the child is actually reading the book assigned. That said, it does kill the love of reading.

You are home with your child, watching them walk up the stairs reading the book, watching them bury their nose in the book while they eat their snack, etc. You know they are reading it. Don't kill their love of reading by making them analyze the book. Let them develop a relationship with the book. This is how you teach your child to love reading.


Anonymous said...

"Yes, Lord, continue to purge the dross." I am being peeled like a bannaner, Ginger. I am on Round 2 of homeschooling. Asked incessant questions with my oldest. Purging takes a LOT for this dumb ole sheep. I have been given a second chance with my adoptees, currently ages 3(quantity 3), and 2. I asked you about FIAR. All I will do is use some of their (and others) book lists, and read, Read, READ!

Loretta, SW VA

Midlife Army Wife said...

I'm with you on not killing their love for reading, for sure! How do you help with retention and knowing if they are actually remembering and understanding what they read though? I suspect Emily is much like I was/am. I read very fast (not on purpose) but because of the speed, I don't always remember what I read.

Ginger said...


Narrating. :) Somewhere I did a Charlotte Mason Q&A explaining it.